South Africa’s One Show – all the winners & the work 2024

It’s time for The One Show results everyone! When we heard South Africa had 21 finalists this year we damn near Black Eyed Pea’d ourselves and exclaimed ‘Boom Boom Pow’. Now it’s great to see this incredible work convert. Congratulations to all of you! With over 50 countries and regions around the world entering, this is big for South Africa. Well done.

The One Show 2024 awards ceremony was held on May 17, 2024 in New York during Creative Week.

If you or your company worked on any of these projects and your credits are not added it means you’re not a member of IDIDTHAT, which is tragic because you are one of the best in your field and nobody knows about it. Don’t be like Van Gogh and only become famous when you’re dead, do it now! Check out our membership options or contact to get signed up and we’ll get you and your work seen by the right’re dead, do it now!

Silver Pencil: Direct Marketing (Experiential | Brand Installations)
Silver Pencil: Experiential & Immersive Craft | Art Direction)
Silver Pencil: Experiential & Immersive (Brand Installations)
Merit: Out of Home (Design: Out of Home | Brand Installations)
Merit: Design (Out of Home | Brand Installations)

Agency: Ogilvy South Africa
Editor: (No Member Credits)
Production Studio: (No Member Credits)
Production Company: (No Member Credits)

Silver Pencil: Direct Marketing (Direct Marketing for Good)
Silver Pencil: Experiential & Immersive (Experiential & Immersive for Good)
Merit: Out of Home (Out of Home for Good)

Agency: Ogilvy South Africa
Production Company: LittleBig
Film Producer: Elmaree Bohm
Film Director: Julian Evans
Sound Design Company: (No Member Credits)

Bronze Pencil:
Radio & Audio-First (Craft | Writing – Series)
Merit: Interactive & Mobile Craft (Writing )


Agency: (No Member Credits)
Illustrator: (No Member Credits)
Animation Company: Sinister Studios
Animator: Christian van der Walt
Programmer/Software Development: (No Member Credits)
Film Production Company: The Star Film Co
Film Director: Tebogo Malope
Editing Company: Left Post Production
Editor: Saki Bergh
Music Composer: Adam Howard
Sound Designer: Adam Howard, Paul Theodorou, Theo Potgieter
VFX Operator: Christian van der Walt
Recording Studio: Howard Audio

Moving Image Craft & Production (Production Design)
Merit: Moving Image Craft & Production (Cinematography | Single)

Agency: Accenture Song
Animation Company: The Refinery
Animator: Eddie Addinall
Cinematography: Rory O’Grady
Film Production Company: Patriot Films
Film Executive Producer: Zayd Halim
Film Director: Sam Coleman
Producer: Boris Vossgatter
Editing Company: Priest
Editor: Matthew Swanepoel
Music Composer: (No Member Credits)
Music Supervisor: (No Member Credits)
Sound Designer: (No Member Credits)
VFX Operator: Rory Mark, Eddie Addinall
Production Facility: The Refinery
Recording Studio: (No Member Credits)

Merit: Film & Video (TV, VOD, & Online – Over 90 Seconds – Single)
Merit: Moving Image Craft & Production (Casting)

Agency: Joe Public
Animation Company: Chocolate Tribe 
Animator: Jean du Plesis
Cinematography: Adam Bentel
Film Production Company: Romance Films
Film Director: Greg Gray
Producer: Helena Woodfine
Editing Company: Deliverance Post 
Editor: Kobus Loots
Music Composer:  Elben Schutte
Music Supervisor (Licensed): James Matthes 
Sound Designer: Kyle Koekemoer 
VFX Operator: Jean du Plesis
Production Facility: Deliverance Post, Chocolate Tribe
Recording Studio: Pressure Cooker

Film & Video (TV,VOD, & Online | Over 90 Seconds – Single)

Agency: (No Member Credits)
Animator: (No Member Credits)
Cinematography: (No Member Credits)
Film Production Company: (No Member Credits)
Film Director: (No Member Credits)
Editing Company: (No Member Credits)
Editor: (No Member Credits)
Sound Designer: Lorens Persson
VFX Operator: (No Member Credits)
Production Facility: (No Member Credits)
Recording Studio: Sterling Sound

Cultural Driver (Content at the Speed of Culture)

Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Film Production Company: Giant Films
Director: Karien Cherry
Executive Producer: Emma Lundy, Cindy Gabriel
Producer: Jon Ronbeck
Director of Photography: Jason Prins
Production Assistant: Johannes Matila
Production Art Director: Keenan McAdam
Post Production: Strangelove
Editor: Xander Vander
Post Producer: Bevil Swartz
Grade: Nic Apostoli
Sound Company: Sterling Sound
Sound Engineer: Lorens Persson
Post Production Online/Artist: Charmaine Greyling
Casting Director: (No member credit)

Merit: Music & Sound Craft (Use of Technology | AI)
Merit: Integrated / Omnichannel (Integrated | Omnichannel Campaigns for Good)
Merit: Integrated / Omnichannel (Craft | Use of Technology)
Merit: Radio & Audio-First (Radio & Audio for Good)

Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Music Composer: Audio Militia
Sound Designer: Nick Argyros, Criag Hawkins, Paul Norwood, Richard Staub, Gerrick Jones, David Law
Recording Studio: Audio Militia

Merit: Radio & Audio-First (Craft Writing – Series)

Advertising Agency: The Odd Number
Recording Studio: (No Member Credits)
Sound Engineer: (No Member Credits)

Cinematography / Single

Advertising Agency: (No Member Credits)
Director: Dave Meinert
Director of Photography: Rory O’Grady
Editor: Anthony Lee Martin
Production Company: (No Member Credits)
Post Production Company: Strangelove
Colourist: Nic Apostoli
Music/Sound Production Company: (No Member Credits)
Recording Studio: (No Member Credits)
Sound Engineer: (No Member Credits)

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Live Updates: South Africa’s Winners & Shortlists at Cannes 2024

As always, IDIDTHAT is bringing you the Cannes Lions action live, this year in partnership with LITTLEBIG. As of the 17th of June 2024, this page is your gateway to all things South Africa in Cannes. Right here you can check in to view South Africa’s winners and shortlists, the work, and the talented IDIDTHAT members involved in the work. We’ll be updating this page as results come in. Also, head over to our Instagram and Facebook for more coverage. Good luck and here's to championing South African creativity on a global stage. Go Saffas!

June 15th, 2024|Tags: |

Meet South Africa’s Cannes Lions Judges 2024

Being selected as a judge at Cannes is a massive achievement. It’s a testament to the respect the industry has for you on an international scale. We know that while a lot of us will be basking in the glitz and canapes Cannes has to offer, these judges will be toiling away in dark rooms, sifting through all the entries to identify the most outstanding work the world has to offer. Not to mention the Cannes Lions Shortlist judges who already had to work overtime and in between their own pitches back home! We see you, and we salute you.

Lauren Chengan and Ken Kamara, the new faces at Triple Story Content

Triple Story Content is shouting from their rooftop that directors Lauren Chengan and Ken Kamara are joining their roster of independent talent. According to Executive Producer Monareng Makwetla, both Lauren and Ken perfectly embody the philosophy of Triple Story Content, which values multi-faceted directors who understand the industry from various angles.

June 11th, 2024|Tags: , , , |

South Africa’s Cannes Predictions 2024

IDIDTHAT is kicking off our countdown to The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity with South Africa’s Cannes Predictions! We’ve brought together a team of creative heavyweights to view the work entered by South Africa into Cannes this year and choose the work they think will turn heads. A massive shoutout to our judges Fran Luckin, Steph van Niekerk, Roland Sweet, and Xolisa Dyeshana – thank you for being absolute gold as always!

IDIDTHAT partners with LITTLEBIG to bring South Africa all the Cannes Lions news 2024

Each year we team up with a partner to bring the South African ad industry all the Cannes Lions coverage and most importantly celebrate South Africa’s creative work and strengthen our unique ad culture. As we gear up for the festival, we are excited to announce our partnership with production company, LITTLEBIG. Thanks to the team’s support IDIDTHAT is yet again able to bring home all the Cannes 2024 news. Having won Gold at Cannes themselves, LITTLEBIG understands the significance of Saffas supporting each other internationally. Thank you for joining us in championing South Africa’s creativity.

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IDIDTHAT Monthly Craft Awards

Find out who’s doing the best work in South Africa. Every month we team up with industry leaders to award South Africa’s best in Production Craft. Huge thanks to our recent guest judges who’ve taken the time to judge IDIDTHAT Craft Awards. Look how sexy they are in these black and white pictures we put up – FYI we used the ‘Inkwell’ filter.

IDIDTHAT Craft Awards May 2024

This month’s Craft Awards were judged by the man who can pull off a cap like no other, Kabelo Moshapalo, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy South Africa and the person with the coolest name in the industry, Xander Vander, Editor & Co-Founder at Strangelove. Congratulations to Greg Gray from Romance and Marc Algranti from Marc Algranti Music for taking home Best in Craft for May for your work on Nedbank.

IDIDTHAT Craft Awards April 2024

This month’s Craft Awards were judged by our forever reigning queens Juliet Honey, Creative Director at TBWA Hunt Lascaris and Justine Puren-Calverley, Director at FirstPencil. We bow in awe because wow, this was a particularly tough month with some really strong work! Chicken Licken takes it! Congratulations to the team behind the spot Dave ‘Legs of Thunder’ Mgijimi.

IDIDTHAT Craft Awards March 2024

This month’s Craft Awards were judged by the honourable Tshepo Tumahole, Integrated CD at Joe Public United and Morgan Dingle, Director at Your Girlfriend. We don’t know what they’ve put in the water over at 7Films but both 7Films directors Hayden Brown and Jozua Malherbe were awarded Best in Craft. Take a bow team!

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