Colourists in South Africa

Find the leading Colourists in South Africa to create the perfect style or mood for your project. Search our directory of Colourists available to colour grade your TV commercials, online content, short films, music videos or film production. Based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

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Chad Naidoo | Ludus

Chad shadowed some of the best talent in the country while learning the art of colour and compositing in his early years. He has worked with a slew of big names in the industry including Dean Blumberg, Dani Hynes and Greg Rom. Not only is Chad a tour de force when it comes to colour grading, but he is a skilled online and VFX artist as well.

David Grant | Refinery

With over 25 years of experience as a Colourist, David brings a wealth of experience and passion to the team when creating and completing a project. He’s a firm believer that adding to the sum of the parts through collaboration makes for better work and that his role is to enhance and bring to life the vision of the Director and the DOP to create beautiful work.

Jarryd Duthoit | Left

Jarryd looks to push the boundaries of Colour Grading on every project, combining old and new school grading techniques. He won the Loerie for Best Young Creative in 2020, proving that he strives for the best and won’t stop till he archives it. Jarryd has worked with the biggest directors and brand campaigns out there.

Joshua Borrill | THEN

Colour is part science, part instinct, part art, part technical wizardry and a whole lot of being able to sit in front of a computer for hours on end while you manipulate wheels till the frame pops and catches you in a whole different way. Joshua knows all of this very well and has ample experience and awards to show for it.

Kyle Stroebel | Refinery

Kyle has been crafting unique colour palettes for over 13 years. Finishing titles for Warner Brothers, Universal and recently Netflix, while handling award-winning advertisements for major brands – Kyle has garnered respect both locally and internationally from an esteemed array of co-conspirators.

Liam Cockcroft | THEN

Can hold his own in an edit suite or on a dance floor. Sees narrative edits as an open sea of storytelling possibility. Sees a technical challenge as mental exercise. Can deadlift an online like he’s competing in the post Olympics.

Michele Wilson | Ludus

Michele boasts a stunning reel of work. She earned her stripes in Amsterdam working for Condor Post. Michele’s company, Ludus Post Productions, was ranked best post-production facility in Africa and the Middle-East at The Loerie Awards 2018 and 2019. Michele has won Cannes Gold and Silver as well as countless Loerie Awards.

Skye Barrow | Priest

Skye is the new genius Colourist on the block. He’s forged ahead in the last 2 years grading a feature, several documentaries as well as fashion films and music videos. On the Commercial front he has enhanced the colourisation of many OUTsurance and Woollies ads and others. He garnered his mentorship from David Grant and Donovan Bush. Skye is as colourful as a rainbow flag and grades as such.