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Director Dave Meinert goes ‘all in’ on global Nivea campaign

‘I knew we were making progress when we finally had a recce where no one puked, bled or needed to be medically evacuated,’ says Dave Meinert of directing this epic project spanning several months and countries. Dave is already known for his ability to craft intimate portraits in remote (often dangerous) settings, so it’s a no-brainer that he was tasked to bring these ambitious hero journeys to life for Nivea. Here’s a look into how the maestro did it, with a little help from his South African friends.

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Together Films’ Executive Producer Gaye Leong on changing times and rolling with trends

It was while shooting one of the first commercials to be filmed in South Africa during lockdown, that Executive Producer Gaye Leong officially launched Together Films. The foundation of the company was laid and the mission statement clear – Together we can do anything, no matter the times. Now, four years and a growing roster of talent later Gaye shares some of the top industry trends her production company has encountered, adapted to and rolled with, Together.

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He’s raw, he’s real, he’s Carbon Films’ new director, Christian Mangachena

Carbon Films has announced that multitalented director Christian Mangachena has joined their roster. Christian brings a distinctive visual style to advertising that feels unfamiliar, raw and real. As a director with a background in cinematography and editing, Christian uses camera angles, locations, textures and colour palettes to take a deep dive into culture that feels unconventional and refreshing. Christian brings something that we don’t think we’ve seen before and with the production chops of Carbon, we can’t wait to see more.

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Directors on Directors. The women of ROMANCE – Nicole Ackerman, Jabu Newman and Emilie Badenhorst

The Loeries released their rankings for 2023 and congratulations to ROMANCE for being ranked the number one production company in South Africa. BOOM. What better way to celebrate than to go fly-on-the-wall as three ROMANCE directors, Nicole Ackerman, Jabu Newman and Emilie Badenhorst interview each other. They get candid about their process, background, influences and the women who helped them along their way.

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THEY is proud to add Robin Goode to their directors roster

Robin is one of those true filmmakers with incredible visual artistry chops. He’s blessed with the double superpower of being able to create evocative imagery while crafting powerful performances. With multiple Cannes Lion awards, a Loerie Grand Prix, over 15 years of commercial directing experience and two feature films under his belt, Robin adds his experience to the already established roster at They.

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How 70 000 globes did more than light up the town of Stanford

What might have been a bleak Christmas for small-town Stanford has transformed into one of the most memorable festive seasons the town’s tourism has ever seen. Agency 99c, production company 7 Films and Checkers wanted to honour this community that stood together during the town’s recent floods by lighting up the main street with a Santa-approved lights display. Bringing a little bit of ‘xtra joy’ back to a community that nearly lost everything ended up having a lasting impact felt throughout the area.

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Director Maxime Davenport brings technical chops to storytelling, fits right in at 7 Films

What gives Maxime Davenport her edge is the fact that she didn’t ever take a shortcut to becoming a full-time director. Initially trained as a DOP, Maxime went on to cut her teeth as an editor and has put in her time as a researcher for the top directors in South Africa. She did all this while building up her own director’s reel. With her arsenal of experience, Maxime joins 7 Films as a full-time commercial director drawn to their extensive experience with technical boards, impressive car spots and passion for performance-based storytelling.

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Local production company JOE and director Dan Mace wipe out competition on international stage for the Shorty Impact Awards

Director Dan Mace and his Cape Town-based production company JOE bagged two international Shorty Impact Awards in Los Angeles recently; the ‘Global Impact of The Year’ and ‘Audience Honour’ Awards. Dan (who honestly could make a cube of ice go viral, if he hasn’t yet!) and JOE were recognised for their work for the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel, where the Beast Philanthropy team, led by Darren Margolias, transformed the Baphumelele orphanage in Khayelitsha. The awarded work was for YouTube and currently stands at over 30 million views! Shut the front door!!

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Darling Films is asking you to swipe right on Darling Fling

Darling Films is asking people to have a fling, a Darling Fling. Executive Producer heavyweights Lorraine Smit and Melina McDonald have launched Darling Fling with Mmameyi Mphahlele appointed as the Executive Producer. Darling Fling is an extension of Darling Films and a new offering that will bring any of your wildest creative ideas to life by sourcing the right talent for your project. With the trio’s years of creative problem-solving experience and the production backing of Darling, you know you’re gonna have a safe fling.

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Pretty Neat Right?

Pretty Neat may describe itself as a boutique production company, but its capabilities aren’t small-fry. Launched by director Alex Fynn and Executive Producer Tassyn Munro Fynn, Pretty Neat takes on projects of all sizes, from big brand campaigns to intimate shoots. And at the core of their offering is a philosophy that we love; ‘create moving pictures that move people.’

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Creative Cleanup Challenge, winners announced and message from students clear, ad folks need to ditch fossil fuel clients

Students from some of the top creative, advertising and design schools in the country took part in the Creative Cleanup 2023 live brief challenge. The challenge was clear – inspire ad-makers (their seniors) in the commercials industry to stop using their talents to promote fossil fuel companies. The winning work has been released and the message across the board was clear, these students do not want to touch briefs from fossil fuel companies.

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First Pencil’s Justine Calverley crafts heartwarming journey home for Promise Agency and Capitec Bank

Justine Calverley and the team at First Pencil, led by Executive Producer Lebo Mabuela, are quickly cementing a reputation as home runners in the world of emotive storytelling. Their new spot for Promise Agency and Capitec Bank is a heartwarming story with moving performances, something we have come to expect from the team. The pace is stand-out in this commercial that deals with themes of family, love and sacrifice.

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Chasing the human spirit, meet 7 Films’ new director Hayden Brown

Hayden Brown, the fresh face at 7 Films, takes the reins as their new commercials director with a real talent for capturing the essence of the human spirit. His journey from the world of extreme sports, where he excelled as an international downhill mountain bike athlete, to his roles as a cinematographer, editor, and director, laid the foundation for the filmmaker he’s evolved into today. It’s safe to say that when you watch Hayden’s work, it’s bound to give you those good ol’ goosies.

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Spitfire’s Katlego Baaitse, capturing the funny of South Africa

Chances are, the name Katlego Baaitse has been ringing in your ears more frequently, and there’s good reason for it. Currently, everything he touches is catching the attention of the top judging talent, who all seem to be playing a game of ‘Katlego Bingo’ because they all agree; that he is a formidable performance and comedy director. With an insatiable appetite for big-scale world-building Katlego is consistently surprising us with work that is as excellent as it is eccentric.

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Clean Creatives publishes the F-List, naming 41 South African agencies and PR companies using their talents for fossil fuel companies

Clean Creatives has taken another step toward fostering accountability among advertisers in South Africa who collaborate with fossil fuel companies. The local chapter has unveiled its F-list, featuring 41 agencies and PR firms in South Africa with either current or past partnerships with fossil fuel companies such as Shell, TotalEnergies, BP, and Sasol. This kind of advertising not only distracts from critical activism efforts but also hinders the progress of vital legislation aimed at mitigating the harm caused by these companies.

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Together Films’ director roster grows, Director Michael Rodrigues brings a moving visual language.

Michael Rodrigues, who is fast establishing himself as a stylistic director with a captivating and moving visual language, has joined Together Films’ director roster. Michael's reel spans commercials, films, and music videos. His work has earned him recognition at festivals worldwide, including a recent win at the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival for Best Music Video and, ahem, a few IDIDTHAT Craft Awards.

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TinToy Films, 12 years of commercial making gets a rebrand

TinToy Films has been in the commercials production game for over a decade, and as Executive Producer Warren Ferreira jokingly puts it, ‘We started when we were young and dumb.’ Now that both Warren and TinToy director Ian Morgan, have become first-time dads, they thought it was about time that their company mature along with them. What began as a one-stop production shop has morphed into an established director based production house with an impressive reel and fresh new branding.

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Two Netflix series, big brand car campaigns and backed Patriot Films; Thati Pele is a name that’s here to stay.

Director Thati Pele’s road to 2023 has been eventful and, at times, contradictory. Recently known for her directing work on the Netflix teen drama ‘Blood and Water’ and the original series ‘Savage Beauty’, Thati is now switching gears from longform to continue again as a commercial filmmaker. With a proven track record as a strong storyteller and a Volkswagen campaign that showcased her versatility in both performance and comedy, Thati has joined Patriot Films where she is destined to craft stand-out commercial work.

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Imraan Christian finds a new canvas at Egg Films

Imraan Christian’s recent move to Egg Films marks a natural, yet anticipated, evolution in his artistic journey. The award-winning director has very quickly made a name for himself in the commercials world, crafting strong visual work and embracing a profound commitment to creating lasting relationships with his collaborators and cast. This philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in his personal mantra, ‘I always hope to leave more than I take.’ The announcement of Imraan joining the roster at Egg Films coincides with the release of his latest commercial for TymeBank in collaboration Accenture Song.

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