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Together Films’ director roster grows, Director Michael Rodrigues brings a moving visual language.

Michael Rodrigues, who is fast establishing himself as a stylistic director with a captivating and moving visual language, has joined Together Films’ director roster. Michael's reel spans commercials, films, and music videos. His work has earned him recognition at festivals worldwide, including a recent win at the BAFTA-qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival for Best Music Video and, ahem, a few IDIDTHAT Craft Awards.

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TinToy Films, 12 years of commercial making gets a rebrand

TinToy Films has been in the commercials production game for over a decade, and as Executive Producer Warren Ferreira jokingly puts it, ‘We started when we were young and dumb.’ Now that both Warren and TinToy director Ian Morgan, have become first-time dads, they thought it was about time that their company mature along with them. What began as a one-stop production shop has morphed into an established director based production house with an impressive reel and fresh new branding.

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Two Netflix series, big brand car campaigns and backed Patriot Films; Thati Pele is a name that’s here to stay.

Director Thati Pele’s road to 2023 has been eventful and, at times, contradictory. Recently known for her directing work on the Netflix teen drama ‘Blood and Water’ and the original series ‘Savage Beauty’, Thati is now switching gears from longform to continue again as a commercial filmmaker. With a proven track record as a strong storyteller and a Volkswagen campaign that showcased her versatility in both performance and comedy, Thati has joined Patriot Films where she is destined to craft stand-out commercial work.

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Imraan Christian finds a new canvas at Egg Films

Imraan Christian’s recent move to Egg Films marks a natural, yet anticipated, evolution in his artistic journey. The award-winning director has very quickly made a name for himself in the commercials world, crafting strong visual work and embracing a profound commitment to creating lasting relationships with his collaborators and cast. This philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in his personal mantra, ‘I always hope to leave more than I take.’ The announcement of Imraan joining the roster at Egg Films coincides with the release of his latest commercial for TymeBank in collaboration Accenture Song.

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POST gets sexier, welcomes Two AM to the building, now offering full post AND sound design, composition and voice-over facilities

POST has established itself as a top full-service post-production, VFX and Sound Design solutions hub with a super sexy creative space housed in the Old Castle Brewery in Cape Town. Get ready to high-five convenience because the team are now broadening their offering as they are joined in their building by Two AM Music. Although the companies will remain independent, the under-one-roof collaboration will mean that POST clients will now have in-house access to Original Music Composition and studio-quality Voice-over recording facilities.

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Local Production Designer Louise Knepscheld crafts visually stunning love mess in latest commercial [WATCH]

Renowned for her artistry in commercial production design, Cape Town-based Louise Knepscheld has once again demonstrated her level of craft and expertise in her latest work for the Canadian paper brand ‘Kruger.’ Teaming up with award-winning Canadian director Mark Zibert, Louise has created visually evocative environments that explore all the twists and turns of love, from first glances to growing old together. And for us, this ad was love at first sight. We can’t wait to see more of Louise’s talent in our local South African spots. Have a look Saffas.

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Production company CreateSA.tv on creativity through inclusivity

CreateSA.tv is a 100% female-owned production company that’s basically doing it all, and doing it a little differently. Their talent pool includes directors, cinematographers, photographers, and editors, all geared up to create TVC’s, digital content, and campaign stills. Apart from offering solutions from concept to post, what really sets CreateSA.tv apart, is the heartbeat of the company – an approach they call #Radicalinclusivity.

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Students out to inspire oldies to rethink working on fossil fuel commercials – the brief is in

Students from South Africa’s advertising schools are currently coming up with ideas to inspire ad-makers in the commercials industry to stop using their talents to promote fossil fuel companies. These commercials directly contribute to the climate crisis by creating positive perceptions about fossil fuel companies, distracting from activism work and thus slowing down legislation that will stop the damage they are doing.

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Carbon Films joins global network of 20 production houses, introducing Supercluster

Carbon Films is representing our country as the only South African production company selected to join the ranks of Supercluster, a global collective of 20 production houses in 20 countries across 6 continents. This alignment positions Carbon at the forefront of a partnership fuelled by artistic exchange, shared resources and collaboration on a global scale. The move also gets our local industry sitting right next to the rest of the world, proving again that we can be big players in the global field.

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Audio Militia takes AI craft to new heights to bring rapper Riky Rick’s legacy back to life for one last song.

February 2022, South Africa mourned the passing of musician Riky Rick, who tragically suffered from mental health issues. Before we lost Riky, he shared his final tweet ‘I’ll return a stronger man’ with the world. One year later, Audio Militia and TBWA, with the clever use of AI technology, brought Riky’s legacy back to life, by releasing one final song, a moving tribute to his legacy and the launch of The Riky Rick Foundation. The Foundation has been created by Riky’s family in his honour to help people with mental health issues.

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Paving her own path, director Zandi Tisani launches as an Independent Director

Director Zandi Tisani’s move to independence signifies a transformative milestone in her career. While staying true to the fundamentals she embraces as a director – a passion for pop culture, a keen eye for the latest trends, and an affinity for performance-driven work and strong visuals – she has now taken a deliberate step towards prioritising her trajectory as director. This choice opens up fresh and exciting opportunities for creatives to collaborate with her.

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The launch of THEN and THEN AGAIN

If you’ve been searching for post production company New Creation Collective and came up empty handed, it’s not because they’ve been hacked. Instead, the post house has undergone a pretty big transformation. Since its original inception over 13 years ago, the post-production company has evolved into two specialized offerings, which they decided to cement as distinct brands in a recent re-launch. Here are four things you need to know about THEN, the commercial and film post-production house and brand new THEN AGAIN, a motion design and illustration company.

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Director Sandulela Asanda joins Osu Creative Productions with a bang, releases AfriSam comedy commercial

Director Sandulela Asanda, who recently joined Osu Creative Productions, has wasted no time making her mark. The release of her latest commercial for AfriSam not only validates Executive Producer Simoné Bobo’s initial instinct in recognising Sandulela’s talent as a performance and comedy director but also underscores her ability to collaborate with actors and non-actors alike. With a blend of humour, irreverence, and an innate understanding of youth culture, Sandulela proves herself to be a true force on the Osu roster.

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Director Jono Hall’s debut film signals the levelling up of a bold visual storyteller

Gentlemen Films director Jono Hall’s debut film ‘Awake’ is a bold and captivating emotional experience that lingers in your memory and behind your eyelids long after you’ve watched it. Breaking free from the constraints of the commercials world, ‘Awake’ serves as a testament to Jono’s ever-expanding talent at creating striking work that is classy and restrained, yet still able to deliver utterly unexpected and attention-grabbing moments. It is a meticulously crafted film made by a confident visual storyteller who shows every indication of levelling-up in his career. Hell yeah!

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Live Updates: South Africa’s Winners & Shortlists at Cannes 2023

As always, IDIDTHAT is bringing you the Cannes Lions action live, this year in partnership with Howard Audio. As of the 18th of June 2023, this page is your gateway to all things South Africa in Cannes. Right here you can check in to view South Africa’s shortlists, the work and the talented IDIDTHAT members involved in the work. We’ll be updating this page as results come in. Good luck and may the France be with you!

Director Lamar Bonhomme finds a home at Robot

Director Lamar Bonhomme seeks to capture the essence of the world in its rawest and most unfiltered form. Armed with a lens that embraces the beauty of imperfection, Lamar is joining the powerhouse roster at Robot. With Robot’s established production support, Lamar is eager to continue reflecting the richness of our world with a cinematic timelessness that avoids unnecessary gimmicks, something that is evident in his latest campaign for SA Tourism.

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Cannes Predictions South Africa 2023

The countdown to The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is here, starting with South Africa’s Cannes Predictions! We’ve rounded up a gang of fearless industry leaders who’ve tapped into their inner psychics to conjure up the future and predict who’ll be bringing home the metal for South Africa. Thank you to these talented legends for lending us their knowledge, time and expertise. These visionaries have spoken, and here are their predictions for the metal-grabbing work at Cannes 2023.

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South African director Raphadu Maphoto selected for Eyeforce’s international young creatives program

The production house with offices in Amsterdam, Cape Town, and Lisbon is pleased to announce the launch of a program aimed at creating equal opportunities and breaking down barriers for young creatives within the commercial industry. From South Africa, our very own Raphadu Maphoto will be joining the program and from the Netherlands, Eyeforce has welcomed Eva Oosterveld.

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IDIDTHAT partners with Howard Audio to bring South Africa all the Cannes Lions news 2023

The countdown to Cannes Lions 2023 has begun. As always IDIDTHAT will be the ultimate source of all the South African news live from Cannes. This year, IDIDTHAT has joined forces with Howard Audio led by Cannes veteran Adam Howard. Howard Audio is the perfect partner for Cannes, having previously won Gold, Silver and Bronzes at Cannes, the company understands the importance of supporting our Saffas nominated on the international stage.

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