Finding his directing rhythm while maintaining his balance, Robot’s Paul Ramaema

Being an advocate for mindfulness certainly comes in handy for Robot’s Paul Ramaema, especially considering how busy he’s been. Since joining the production company two years ago Paul has consistently been creating commercial work for top brands and agencies. We caught up with the new dad and self-proclaimed selfie king about how he’s found his rhythm as a filmmaker while still maintaining a balance.

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Robot’s Paul Ramaema drives into the future for latest Toyota Hybrid spot

Robot’s Paul Ramaema brings his energetic youthful aesthetic mixed with his mindful self-awareness for the launch of the locally built Toyota Hybrid. A car that finds the perfect balance between being environmentally conscious and at the forefront of technology needed the perfect hybrid director 😉

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The nuts and bolts of the new Robot directors – Paul Ramaema and Nelis Botha

We get up close and personal with the two new directors joining Robot. Paul and Nelis, both armed with a hip aesthetic and a passion for creating edgy contemporary work, might have a lot in common when it comes to style, but who is most likely to master the art of baking banana bread you ask? Yup, it’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know.

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