Spitfire boosts its talent roster with the arrival of director Paul Ramaema

Spitfire has welcomed director Paul Ramaema to its roster, solidifying the production company’s reputation for fostering young gifted talent. Paul’s work ranges from car commercials to music videos and comedy performance spots; a great fit for a production company that embraces multi-talented directors.

Liesl Lategan, Executive Producer at Spitfire, says, ‘I was on the lookout for a young, hot, talented director, and Paul fits the bill perfectly. He’s incredibly thorough, creatively edgy, with a knack for bringing out the best in every project he touches.’

Paul’s reel is a testament to a director who, no matter the genre, brings strong visual imagery and cultural relevance to the work. He says of the move to join Spitfire, ‘The creative energy here at Spitfire is palpable, and the collaborative spirit among the team is truly invigorating. I feel really energised knowing I have such a strong and established production team to support me.’ Amongst Paul’s latest work is his music video ‘Wake Up’. The spot has gained some international attention, even winning ‘Best Dance’ Music Video at the Europe Music Awards. Go Paul!

‘Wake Up’ Music Video

KFC ‘Simba’

Toyota Hybrid ‘Corolla Cross’

Extreme ‘Bule Sekele’

Liesl has always emphasised Spitfire’s commitment to nurturing talent, and adds, ‘Spitfire is a family. We work together as a team, each member contributing their unique skills and expertise to elevate every project we undertake. Paul, with the backing of our entire team, is set to do some incredible work in this industry and we are really proud to have him join our family.’

Paul has hit the ground running and is about to direct his first project with Spitfire, a comedy spot for agency Promise and we can’t wait to see it.

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