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Find South Africa’s top offline editors for your TV commercials, online content, short films, music videos or film production – Based in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

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Alex Fynn

Alex’s love for filmmaking began when he picked up his dad’s webcam and made his first Lego Movie. Fast forward 25 years, Alex Fynn is a multiple award-winning director and editor. Alex is known for his slick and detailed approach to filmmaking from pre-production to post. His love of creative freedom means he brings out the best in everyone he collaborates with. Whether he’s in the edit suite, or on the directing chair – he is a firm favourite with agencies and production companies alike.


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Alex Nkholisie

Loves telling stories with editing, whether that’s music videos, commercials, doccies or social content. But your output is only as good as your input, which is why when he’s not editing you can catch him at the theatre, a live music event, getting into deep convos, or just practising the art of being chill. Ok, he also might be binging Love is Blind but we all need a guilty pleasure.

Cape Town

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Amelia Cohen 

Amelia Cohen works her magic combining live action with motion graphics. Her fresh and lyrical approach to the flow and timing to editing allows her to turn any footage into a work of art. She is also a skilled illustrator and character developer.

Cape Town

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Andrew Traill (Freelance)

Andrew Trail’s list of awards isn’t what makes him so great. It’s his attention to the creative process. It’s his incredible ability to know when and why you need a cut or a transition and how to blend scenes that has made him a legend.

Angela Whitehouse | Ludus Post Productions

Angela Whitehouse’s edits are chock full of nuance and details, not only creatively, but technically, as well. She is one of South Africa’s few accoladed female editors. She adds enthusiasm and a feminine take on storytelling and knows her craft like no one’s business.

Anthony Lee Martin | Me&MyFriends

You get editors and then you get filmmakers that edit. Anthony is the epitome of the latter and while you may hire him for an edit, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more valuable collaborator to lean on at any stage of your project from conception through to both picture and audio finish. His work and craft have been recognized at many local and international award shows.

Chris Rautenbach | Ludus Post Productions

Chris Rautenbach has ten years of storytelling under his belt. He headed up Embassy’s post production department as senior commercials editor and was the Creative Director of live action production at Oliver More. Chris brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the offline suite.  

Declan Manca | THEN

Don’t overlook this long-haired lad in a knit jersey when you’re putting together a list of the best editors and VFX artists in South Africa. Also don’t overlook him when you’re putting together a winning trivia team for Tuesday night

Emily Bussace (Freelance) | Deliverance

Emily fell for editing while spending weeks in a tiny room cutting her honours documentary thesis on child pageants. Since then she has worked with top directors and producers on award winning documentaries and commercials. Her love for and grounding in documentary film translates into a sensitivity and understanding of character and narrative which she brings to her commercial work.

Glary Leshilo | Ludus Post Productions

Glary Leshilo is touted as South Africa’s rising star. He has climbed the ranks based on his editing wizardry. He believes that the editing process is all about understanding creative people — particularly the director — you’re working with because it’s such a close relationship.

Gordon Midgley | Deliverance

Gordon is an experienced, creative editor, who loves a challenge. He revels in the edit suite! His storytelling talent along with his technical ability combine to bring about moving pieces that set tones, create visions and tell memorable stories. He loves taking the viewer on an emotional journey… He also happens to be a really nice guy!

Itu Nomtshongwana | The Syndicate

Itu is a dynamic, results-oriented, multi-software, video editor. Working in television and commercials, she has learned the importance of accuracy, deadlines and communication. She is a young creative who’s always up to date with the latest trends.

Joe Erasmus | Matte Black

A veteran in the post production industry, Joe’s success is a result of absolute determination and a positive attitude towards conquering all post challenges. He has a great attention to detail and an excellent understanding of the post production workflow in-between the respective departments.

Jordan Koen | Ludus Post Productions

Jordan Koen has tackled long form editing from the start of his career in both the local and international market, allowing him to learn and grow his storytelling craft. He is now honing his editing skills in the short form market.

Julian Redpath | Ludus Post Productions

Julian Redpath is a special talent, one of South Africa’s finest indie folk musicians. Not only is he a music maestro, he is also a creative and experienced editor with strong narrative sense and visual flair, delivering great cuts on a tight deadline.

Kobus Loots (Freelance) | Deliverance

After studying and practicing law, the need to be more creative drove me to the edit room where I have remained for the next 30 years! Working with the country’s top directors has resulted in participating in gold-winning campaigns from the Loeries to Cannes and getting involved with a good idea still gets me inspired to this day.

Liam Cockcroft | THEN

Can hold his own in an edit suite or on a dance floor. Sees narrative edits as an open sea of storytelling possibility. Sees a technical challenge as mental exercise. Can deadlift an online like he’s competing in the post Olympics.

Luka Scott | we are_

Finding freedom in the creation of passion projects, high-end fashion TVC’s, and social content, there is no video editing technique too much of a challenge for Luka. With an eye for structuring footage and marrying it with the most compelling music, his insights impress, on every project.

Mark Ash | Ludus Post Productions

Mark Ash is a talented and flexible commercials editor. He edited the Cannes Gold and Silver award winning campaign ‘Breaking Ballet’ for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris and Darling Films. He is ranked in the top 3 most awarded offline editors in the country.

Matthew Swanepoel | Priest

Matthew Swanepoel likes to tell stories, and tell them well.
He has a knack for narrative and discern for detail, and enjoys expressing emotive emphasis eloquently with each piece of work. His craft awards collection matches his exceptional editing expertise and his astute ability to alliterate.

Miriam Arndt | Ludus Post Productions

After briefly considering becoming a wizard Miriam instead opted for a career in advertising, leading to her graduation from AFDA in 2011. After being a permanent editor at a boutique post house for six years, Miriam has branched out and is now available at LUDUS Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Nic Goodwin | The Syndicate

Nic is the owner and senior offline editor at The Syndicate. Nic’s editing philosophy revolves around editing from a place of empathy with the desire to connect with people and emotionally affect audiences.

Nick Gishen | Ludus Post Productions

Nick Gishen is a cool, calm and collected editor. Nick prides himself on his craft and the quality of his work. He has a fluent command of narrative structure and an excellent technical grounding, making him a first rate visual storyteller.

Nicola Scott-Barrett |

Nikki is a multi-talented Visual Creator with expertise in video editing, art direction, production, design, and most recently, AI and visual prompt engineering. With over 15 years of experience working on local and international Television, commercial, film and stills productions in various departments, Nikki has a thorough understanding of what it takes to create engaging, authentic and professional content, from conception to final execution.

Paul Speirs | THEN

Narrative editing strikes a deep chord, but a good neck-deep technical edit is also his game. If a job has both, he’s died and gone to post heaven. In short, after he’s had a morning coffee, there’s very little (feature films, music films, short films, or commercials) he can’t handle.

Raees Hassan | Ludus Post Productions

Raees Hassan’s advertising career began as a creative designer, 2d animator and photo editor. Raees is a storyteller who uses well thought out sound design to enhance his work. He is level headed and is a stickler for detail, an asset in the editing process.

Tshepo ‘Sci-T’ Dladla | Ludus Post Productions

Tshepo ‘Sci-T’ Dladla is an accomplished short-form offline editor. Tshepo works primarily in Adobe Premiere Pro, he is a relaxed and creative editor who prides himself on his craft and the quality of his work. Vernacular TVC’s, be they Tswana, Zulu or Sotho, are no problem for this talented craftsman!