A Cape Town post-production house with a highly experienced team specializing in Offline Editing of TVCs, Feature Films and Series and offering finishing with Adobe Premiere, Motion Graphics Design, Colour Grading, Compositing, AfterEffects, 2D, 3D Blender and Visual Effects.

Cape Town

Producers: Cal Kingwill / Michelle Barrow

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Established in 2003, Priest started as a traditional post-production facility and has evolved into a creative studio that Edits and Finishes, including Grade, Online and VFX, TV Commercials, Feature Films and a variety of Web and Digital Content. Priest is based in Cape Town. We are dedicated to supporting and strengthening the post-production industry in South Africa and are proud of our interrelation with the visual art world.

  • Matthew Swanepoel won best editor at the SAFTAs for Necktie Youth in 2016.
  • Matthew Swanepoel won best editor at the SAFTAs for Inxeba / The Wound in 2018
  • Priest ranked 3rd best Post House 2022 (Loeries Official Rankings)
  • Michelle Duvenhage ranked 15th best producer 2022 (Loeries Official Rankings)
  • Matthew Swanepoel ranked 3rd best editor 2022 (Loeries Official Rankings)

14 Pickwick Road
Salt River, 7925
Cape Town
+27 (0) 212014777

Cal Kingwill | Producer

Michelle Duvenhage | Producer

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Priest Post Production | Matthew Swanepoel
Audi ‘The Outside Lane’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Ernest Nkosi, Director at Bomb Commercials
September 2020

Ernest’s comment: “Matthew Swanepoel’s edit gives fluidity to the relationship of car and athlete, invoking the same emotion as if it was Wayde’s 400m race. The clever use of archive footage and well-timed music helps portray a parallel story of Wayde’s life adding an extra dynamic to the spot. The timing and tempo of the shot selections are slick and shows the number of hours and dedication to this piece. Congratulations to all involved, on a beautiful piece of work.”

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