Lauren Chengan and Ken Kamara, the new faces at Triple Story Content

Triple Story Content is shouting from their rooftop that directors Lauren Chengan and Ken Kamara are joining their roster of independent talent. According to Executive Producer Monareng Makwetla, both Lauren and Ken perfectly embody the philosophy of Triple Story Content, which values multi-faceted directors who understand the industry from various angles.

Lauren Chengan isn’t just a director, she’s a storyteller with a background in editing and script supervising. Fresh off her latest gig as part of the directing team on the Netflix comedy series ‘Yoh Christmas’ she brings a blend of skills and a knack for finding the humanity in every project she touches.

Triple Story’s EP and the guy who keeps everything running smoothly Monareng Makwetla says,  ‘Lauren is someone whose work I have followed for a long time. Her ability to inject realness and human connection into her work is something really special. She also brings a strong visual aesthetic to commercial filmmaking. Whether she’s telling heartfelt long-form stories or directing a comedic brand ad, she always finds that human essence and makes it look good at the same time.’ Below are some of our favourite spots from Lauren’s reel.

‘Yoh! Christmas’ Trailer for Netflix

Nescafe Classic ‘Made Strong’

Nivea ‘Deep Deo’

Then there’s Ken Kamara, a London-born director now living in Cape Town who started in the commercial world back in 2006. Ken also has an established career as a photographer working across the world. As both director and photographer, he has collaborated with big brands like Red Bull, Amnesty International and Cetaphil. Ken’s work, particularly his documentary projects, feels deeply personal and authentic, drawing on his own lived experiences to create stories that resonate on a profoundly human level.

‘When I was first introduced to Ken, I knew right away he was a perfect fit for us. His focus on family, humility, and respect for all people he works with, aligns perfectly with our ethos. His interest in, and ability, to capture the human condition, immediately drew my interest. It’s a quality that I have not encountered in quite some time,’ says Monareng. Not only does Ken bring his photography eye to commercial directing but he also spent two years working in a Mulit-Camera VFX firm in London, he says, ‘I think because of a lot of my experience, I bring quite a technical and scientific approach to directing but I am super conscious of always infusing it with my own experience, and most importantly empathy. At the end of the day, we’re not just telling brand stories, we’re telling our stories.’

Here are some of our favourite spots and stills from Ken’s film and photography reel. 

Cetaphil ‘Skin Stories’

‘Urbano’ Documentary trailer

Alpian TVC

Ken’s obsession with the human condition is not only present in his film work, but is equally as strong in his photography work.

Portraits by Ken Kamara

Monareng adds, ‘Our network of directors brings a diversity of work, experience, and perspectives to our stable that I’m really proud of. Lauren and Ken are perfect additions to Triple Story, and we are excited to see and be a part of the incredible work they will produce with us.’ We agree!

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