Darling Films is asking you to swipe right on new company Darling Fling

Darling Films is asking people to have a fling, a Darling Fling. Executive Producer heavyweights Lorraine Smit and Melina McDonald have launched Darling Fling with Mmameyi Mphahlele appointed as the Executive Producer. Darling Fling is an extension of Darling Films and a new offering that will bring any of your wildest creative ideas to life by sourcing the right talent for your project. With the trio’s years of creative problem-solving experience and the production backing of Darling, you know you’re gonna have a safe fling.

Flings are fun, Darling.

Briefs are changing. What’s possible is changing. There’s a whole new world out there – and a whole new world of different talent. And you want to try it out.

We get it.

But to venture off into unchartered waters and engage in, um, unprotected production? That’s just reckless.

So if you’re gonna have a fling,-Swipe right to Darling Fling. We’ll take your idea, or challenge, or conundrum, and find the right person (or people) to bring it to life. Whether that’s a director, a photographer, an editor, a choreographer, an artist, a comedian, an activist, an author or an Eskimo. (Not really.) No strings. No compromises.

Just the safety net of conventional (kickass) commercial production values and knowhow. See, sometimes it’s the one you haven’t even met yet that becomes your Darling. And that’s when we say, have a fling, Darling

Executive Producer and Co-Founder Mmameyi Mphahlele says, “The minute you ask yourself ‘I wonder who could pull this off’, that’s when you should call us. At Darling Fling, we will bring any concept to life, from installations to activations to big brand campaigns to ‘I’m really not sure what we call this’, we will source the perfect team to make it happen. Fling is about the adventure of what’s to come.”

Feel like a fling, Darling Fling.

*Big shoutout to the team at Sunshinegun who designed the new Darling Fling logo, we love it 🙌

Contact Darling Fling

Mmameyi Mphahlele
+27 83 286 5841

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