Pretty Neat Right?

Pretty Neat may describe itself as a boutique production company, but its capabilities aren’t small-fry. Launched by director Alex Fynn and Executive Producer Tassyn Munro Fynn, Pretty Neat takes on projects of all sizes, from big brand campaigns to intimate shoots. And at the core of their offering is a philosophy that we love; ‘create moving pictures that move people.’

Long-time collaborators, partners and great humans Alex and Tassyn come with years of filmmaking experience, working on everything from long-form award-winning Television shows to big brand ads. In 2021 they opened the doors to Pretty Neat, setting out to be an agile offering where they can service almost any project thrown at them. Building on their expertise the company has quickly evolved into an established commercial production company.

Pretty Neat EP Tassyn says, ‘We recognized a gap in the industry. There was a distinct divide between production and post-production. Our vision? To bridge that gap. Alex and I have always played dual roles – him as the director and me as the producer. Throw editing into the mix, and you’ve got the three pillars of a successful production company. Our aim was to create a unique hub – a space where all these departments fused seamlessly.’

But it wasn’t just about merging tasks. It was about fostering a space where creativity wasn’t just welcomed but prioritised. Where talented folks could come together and let their creative juices flow.

And why the name Pretty Neat? Tassyn says, ‘It’s all about balance for us. The delicate dance between “pretty” and “neat”, both aesthetically and in essence. Pretty is as neat, as neat is Pretty. The name echoes our design philosophy and even more importantly, our working ethic. We’re all about creating without egos, ensuring that everyone, whether you’re part of the crew, a client, or an agency, leaves a project thinking, “That was Pretty Neat!” It’s our nod to ensuring a comfortable, collaborative, and creative experience for everyone involved. Plus, amidst all the serious business of filmmaking, our name is a gentle reminder – don’t forget to laugh and find joy in the process.’

Growing their offering over the years the company is also now set to expand its post roster, which is currently comprised of – Louise Bruwer (Editor), Alex Fynn (Editor), Nicolai Groudev (VFX & Online) & Sne Dladla (Music Production), but more on that in the next few months. For now, let’s meet the Pretty Neat Directors.

Pretty Neat Director Alex Fynn

Alex Fynn is an accomplished director and co-founder of Pretty Neat with a string of awards to his name – no seriously – as director and editor for the internationally acclaimed satire series, Puppet Nation ZA, Alex earned an International Emmy nomination. Literal goals achieved!

His exceptional ability to direct (and edit) some of the most hilarious sketch comedy work to come out of our country, while working on some of the most pressurised deadlines that a weekly satire show can offer, has moulded Alex into an extremely talented filmmaker who thrives in collaboration and late-nights. His work on the show also saw him winning three South African Film and Television Awards, including recognition as the Best Comedy Director and Best Editor. As a commercials director he has worked with top brands like Virgin Active, Puma and Pizza Hut and conceptualised and directed a Red Bull Music Video for South African artist Rouge, which won the 2018 SAMA Music Video of the Year – Alex’s work speaks of a director fast on the rise.

‘Alex is a passionate filmmaker and director with a refined aesthetic and nuanced storytelling ability. His keen eye for the chic and unconventional pairs seamlessly with his authentic viewpoint on humanity, always finding innovative ways to wield the camera,’ says Tassyn.

When he’s not collecting awards, Alex loves travelling, his poodle, music and tech and when he is directing, he’s making ads like these…

Virgin Active ‘We Are The Ones Who Dare’

Ackermans ‘Cellular Launch Brand Film’

Four Paws ‘Live Kinder’

Puma ‘SA Netball’

‘At Pretty Neat we have a very high standard internally and are constantly striving to create work that punches well above the expectations of our clients. We are incredibly dedicated to creating work that moves our audiences and leaves a lasting impression on every person who watches it,’ says Alex

Pretty Neat Director Louw Venter

Let’s get right into what Louw Venter makes headlines for: He’s an actor, comedian (you might recognise him as the other half of the legendary South African comedy act Corne and Twakkie) and now, a director with a knack for comedy. With over two decades of acting experience, he’s turned his storytelling talents toward filmmaking, taking no prisoners with his debut feature ‘Stam’, which snagged Best Feature at DIFF. Louw’s worked his comedic magic with big names like Spur, OK Foods, 10X Investments and Citadel Wealth in the world of advertising. But don’t let the laughs fool you; he equally enjoys hitting those emotive notes when needed. Louw’s passion lies in working with actors, leveraging his own experience in front of the camera to help performers excel in their roles.

And if there are any awkward silences between you and Louw on set, hot tip; Louw loves cooking, boxing, his kids and poetry. When he is directing, Louw is making ads like these…

OK Foods ‘Trolley Dash’

Pay Just Now ‘Oh Baby’

Pizza Hut ‘Spring’

Jive ‘Peak’

‘We’re a nimble production company and we pack a very heavy punch. With professional skills that span from directing and production to VFX, online and copywriting we offer a lot and have taken many productions from the ground up to polished cutting-edge final material delivery,’ adds Louw

Pretty Neat Director Emma Wilson

You might recognise Emma Wilson as the seasoned food stylist you’d trust with your foodie commercials, but now she’s stepped into the director’s chair at Pretty Neat bringing a wealth of 16 years’ of experience with her. Driven by curiosity, Emma has navigated a diverse career path that led her from food styling to directing. Her extensive background in food and nutrition serves as a crucial foundation, enabling her to cater to clients’ specific requirements with precision.

‘I love seeing the ideas come to fruition on the screen. From initial brief, to moodboard, to action and then to shoot day and final edit. I enjoy the flow from start to finish. I also enjoy working with each brand to really enhance their product, it always interests me how the market views their product,’ says Emma.

Emma’s impressive portfolio includes contributions to cookbooks, participation in local and international TV commercials, as well as involvement in advertising and editorial projects. Her work has also taken her across the world, such as Tanzania, Dubai, Beirut, and Zanzibar, in addition to her work throughout South Africa.

And when you can’t think of anymore foodie related anecdotes to share with her, you can talk to Emma about her love (not necessarily skill) behind the pottery wheel, her obsession with travel and if you’re super nice, she might even bake you something from scratch. When Emma is directing, she’s making ads like these…

After meeting with the Pretty Neat team, you can’t help to feel their passion and love of filmmaking. Their mission to create moving pictures that move people is felt throughout their office and behind the scenes there is a production atmosphere that is not only kind, progressive and fun, but also pushes boundaries in terms of what they can do. At the core of Pretty Neat is creativity, quality, collaboration, integrity, diversity and inclusion, something you will always find them pushing for.

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