Hashtag Post has brand new full post suites in Joburg

Hashtag Post has hashtag new offices in Peter Place Office Park, Sandton. The post-production house, launched by veteran editors Jason Basson and Kayleigh Kinnear just two and a half years ago, has been making some big moves. With an expanded team, including hotshot Producer Vicki Kotze and Online Editor and VFX Artist Chad Naidoo, and a state-of-the-art 3 edit suite facility, this is definitely a sexy new post offering for Joburg.

Hashtag Post’s new facility is a one-stop shop for your post-production adventures. It features three fully equipped edit suites, and with cinema-style seating nogal! One suite is dedicated to online editing and grading, while the other two focus on offline editing. A fourth suite is coming soon which will be an audio booth that can double up as another edit suite available to freelancers. Hear that freelancers?! There’s a new space in town!

Below is the new Hashtag Post, a place that looks just as good as the Hashtag showreel.

Whether handling the entire post-production journey or seamlessly slotting into existing workflows, Hashtag Post has got you. From colour grading and sound design to visual effects and motion graphics, the team is your Leatherman of post-production – whether it’s for a TV commercial, online content, or feature-film.

Talking about the team, if you haven’t worked with Hashtag Post before, time for introductions:

The latest addition to the team is Senior Post Producer and someone who probably needs no introduction, Vicki Kotze. Vicki brings extensive industry expertise with over a decade in post-production and nearly 20 years in project management. Plus, she’s genuinely a great human—bonus! Vicki says, ‘What I love most about Hashtag Post, apart from the stunning new premises, is the collaborative environment and how everyone comes together to create the absolute best work for the clients.’

As far as we’re concerned, the most important thing you need to know about Vicki though is this: (082) 324-5547 or vicki@hashtagpost.co.za

Hashtag Post Co-Founder and Editor Jason Basson brings over 20 years of experience in the industry. He worked through 10 Christmases at Orchestra Blue before freelancing and co-founding Hashtag Post with Kayleigh Kinnear. Jason has edited hundreds of commercials for heavyweight brands worldwide and has experience as a visual effects artist. ‘We are so proud of how we have grown our company and I can honestly say we really love what we do. Whether clients bring us their entire post-production job, we just slot in where needed, or we collaborate with freelancers who come to work in our new space, we love to be involved and that has never changed,’ says Jason.

Editor and Co-Founder Kayleigh Kinnear shares a similar journey to Jason and brings over 15 years of industry experience. The two met during her ten-year Christmases at Orchestra Blue, and after freelancing for several years, they co-founded Hashtag Post.

Kayleigh says, ‘After our time at Orchestra Blue, Jason and I were freelancing for a few years, and we quickly realised that we wanted to offer our clients a space where they could feel at home. Sure, we can all work remotely, but there is something special and collaborative about coming together to make magic happen. For us, that was first a small two-room office and now it’s grown into these sophisticated premises that we are incredibly proud to share with our existing and new clients.’

Online pro, Chad Naidoo joined the team a year ago as the permanent Visual Effects Artist and Online Editor. Chad can work in Flame, Nuke, Fusion and Grade with tons of experience in Online ‘It might sound like a cliché but at Hashtag Post the team feels like a family. The emphasis is always on collaborating to get the absolute best work done for our clients. It’s this collaboration to create excellence that I really value,’ says Chad.

So, if you want tailor-made post-production solutions, in some pretty swanky premises, run by an established team who happen to be really nice to work with…Hashtag Post.

Contact Hashtag Post

Senior Post Producer: Vicki Kotze
+27 82 324-5547

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