Strangelove Studios is a completely talent owned boutique Post Production facility based in Cape Town. We specialize in both local and International TV Commercials and offer world class Editorial, Colouring and Finishing services.

Cape Town

Colourist: Nic Apostoli / Offline Editor: Xander Vander / VFX artist: Charmaine Greyling

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Strangelove | Shelby Ncube
Desire Marea ‘Be Free’ (Music Video)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Julie Thorogood, Creative Director at NetworkBBDO
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Mark Middlewick, Director at First Pencil
February 2023

Julie’s comment: ‘Shelby’s attention to great editing timing helped make this vid dramatically epic.’

Mark’s comment: ‘I had to mention the work of Shelby Ncube. He expertly weaves together abstract performance scenes and winding narrative, without discombobulating the audience and keeping me emotionally engaged throughout.’

Strangelove | Xander Vander
Mami Wata ‘Luck is Alive’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Carl Willoughby, Executive Creative Director at TBWA Hunt Lascaris
April 2022

IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: AK, Director at Spitfire

Carl’s comment: ‘I love this piece so much. I consider direction to include all the various aspects and layers that go into producing something. Cinematography, editing, music, it’s all there and it’s all pretty dramatically epic. A little mini 4’40” movie that has drama, and tension. The pictures are beautiful, but the feeling of it all is just so powerful. Well done to Paul and the rest of the team.’

AK’s comment: ‘Anyone know what Animism means? If not watch this piece. Well done to Director Paul and Editor Xander for the love and care they took in their respective roles on this impressive piece of work. I enjoyed being swept away in this abstract, poetic short film that also manages to stay on-brand for Mami Wata surf apparel and accessories.’

Strangelove | Xander Vander
Hyundai ‘Power Your World’ (Directors Cut)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Mzi Kumalo, Founder and Director at Olamuk
February 2022

Mzi’s comment: ‘Xander does an amazing job of exploiting the medium. The use of transitional elements, match cuts and optimising on camera movement and performance is impressive. Well done!’

Strangelove | Daniel Mitchell (Editing)
Volkswagen ‘Mandisa’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Stephanie Symonds, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi
November 2020

Stephanie’s comment: “This is pure cinematic storytelling at its finest. No tricks or tired “looks”. With beautiful performances, incredible pacing – it’s a visual feast that takes you on a journey with a character that you as a viewer are rooting for from start to finish. As they say ‘if it looks like an ad and smells like an ad, it’s probably not a very good ad.’ This does not look or smell like an ad. Nice.”

Strangelove | Daniel Mitchell (Freelance Editor), Nic Apostoli (Grade), Charmaine Greyling (VFX)
Volkswagen ‘Kitty’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Lebogang Rasethaba, director at Egg Films/Arcade
November 2020

Lebogang’s comment: “The team from Strangelove did an exceptional job and Daniel Mitchell’s edit takes this whole visual masterpiece to an even more powerful level. Well done!’

Strangelove | Xander Vander (Edit), Nic Apostoli (Grade)
SHOWMAX ‘Gamechangers’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Grant Sithole, ECD of FOXP2
October 2020

Grant’s comment: “This could not have been an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. The edit and grade topped of what is clearly a well worked piece of VFX meets live-action. Love it.”

Strangelove | Xander Vander (Edit), Nic Apostoli (Colour), Charmaine Greyling (Online)
PHFAT ‘Whatever You Like’ (Music Video)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Grant Sithole, ECD of FOXP2
October 2020

IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Cindy Lee, Director at The Star Film Company

Grant’s comment: “This pace of this edit makes what could have felt crazily chaotic actually land very easily and gave just enough for me to get the feeling of each shot and move along knowing all I needed to know.”

Cindy’s comment: “A visually breathtaking film, intimate, yet abstract in its handling of love and loss. This music video sucks us into a world that is both foreign and familiar. It’s dark and moody and incredibly sexy, so much so that at times I was grateful to be watching alone. It took me on one hell of a rollercoaster of a ride and made me yearn for my youth. A visual and visceral masterpiece. Congratulations to everyone involved.”

Strangelove | Xander Vander (Edit) & Nic Apostoli (Colour) & Darian Simon (Online)
‘Boni & Wes’ (Short Film)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Greg Gray, Director at Romance Films
April 2020

Judge’s comment: “The short film ‘Boni and Wes’ finds itself back on the radar this month, and earns a special mention for the Editing, Colouring and Online contributions that were all unsung parts that helped craft a fine piece of work as a whole.”

Strangelove | Kobus Loots (Edit) & Nic Apostoli (Grade) & Charmaine Greyling & Darian Simon (VFX)
Chicken Licken ‘Easy Bucks Campaign’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Kabelo Moshapalo, ECD at TBWA Hunt Lascaris
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Marc Algranti, EP / Music Supervisor at Pulse Music
February 2020

Kabelo’s comment: “None of this is possible without the slick editing by Kobus Loots, the beautiful grade by Nic Apostoli, as well as the true to form visual effects Charmaine Greyling and Darian Simon. Gold standard post-production from Strangelove.”

Marc’s comment: “Strangelove did an excellent job of pulling all of these pieces together. The edit, VFX and Grade are all very well done. I especially enjoyed the VFX on the Nollywood scene. They had some great content to work with and really did an excellent job making it all work seamlessly together. Well done to Kobus, Nic, Charmaine and Darian.”

Strangelove | Xander Vander (Editing) & Nic Apostoli (Grade)
‘Disco Casting’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Steph Van Niekerk, CD at Grey Africa/Liquid and Moses, Cat.
October 2019

Judges Comment:
Steph: We couldn’t decide between the two pieces, so there are two Best of Reels this month.
Moses: I’ve seen a lot in my nine lives, and rarely does something feel new. This piece popped.
Steph: I love the structure of it. The edit perfectly accentuates the track, with each character representing an instrument. It’s playful and astute. Great casting too, which is fitting, because it’s for a casting agency.

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*Please note: The work displayed on this page was done by the Strangelove artists whilst at another company.

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