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Deliverance is a multi-award-winning post production company nestled in the creative heart of the Mother City. Born in 2005 out of necessity and under the stewardship of its co-founders, Ricky and Paula, Deliverance has grown to be one of South Africa’s premier post houses.

Cape Town

Editors: Ricky Boyd / Gordon Midgely / Lucian Barnard / Kobus Loots / Graeme Armstrong
Executive Producer: Paula Raphael

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Deliverance Is A Multi-Award-Winning Post Production Company Nestled In The Creative Heart Of The Mother City. Born In 2005 Out Of Necessity And Under The Stewardship Of Its Co-Founders, Ricky And Paula, Deliverance Has Grown To Be One Of South Africa’s Premier Post Houses. At The Core Of Deliverance’s Success Is The Ability To Meet The Evolving Needs Of The Modern Post Production Landscape. We Have Kept Pace By Investing In A 4k Autodesk Flame In 2015 – The First In South Africa.

This Now Enables Us To Deliver Every Aspect Of The Post Production Process, From Offline To Upload. Our Award Winning Editors Ricky, Anthony, Gordon, And Lucian Ply Their Trade In Our Media Composer Offline Suites, While Dave Sees The Projects Through Using Resolve For Grading, After Effects, Ds

And Of Course – Flame. This Combination Allows Us The Flexibility To Service Every Post Budget. Paula, The Heart And Hub Of The Production Team, Provides World Class Customer-Focused Service With Zeni And Victoria Complimenting Her Efforts. We At Deliverance Look Forward To Hosting You In The Near Future.

Sent from Deliverance: ‘We have not been keeping track of our past awards and key achievements, but to name a few we have won Loeries, New York Pencils, Cannes etc.’

From iDidTht: ‘Ok, we think they are being modest… they win a lot! For instance, they just won this at Cannes 2017:

  • GOLD: Absolut ‘One Source: Campaign’ – NATIVE VML / Egg Films / Deliverance
  • SILVER: Absolut ‘One Source: The Song’ – NATIVE VML / Egg Films / Deliverance
  • SILVER: Absolut ‘One Source: Campaign’ – NATIVE VML / Egg Films / Deliverance
  • BRONZE: Absolut ‘One Source: Campaign’ – NATIVE VML / Egg Films / Deliverance
  • BRONZE: Western Cape Government ‘Everybody Knows’ – Y&R South Africa / 7Films / Sonar Studios / Deliverance


120 Buitenkant Street
Gardens, Cape Town

+27 21 462 6919
+27 21 462 6433

Executive Producer: Paula Raphael

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Deliverance Post | Ricky Boyd (Editing)
Deliverance Post | Graeme Armstrong (Online)
Chicken Licken ‘Soul food for a Soul Nation’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Dani Hynes, Director at Made Films & Bridget Johnson, ECD at The Riverbed Agency
July 2020

Dani’s comment: “Chicken Licken scripts are amongst some of those all of us directors salivate over. So, it is always lovely to see someone make the most of every frame. The choice of cast, the captivating details tucked away in each vignette, the deliberately cinematic quality to the storytelling, the deliciously contrasted grade and the overall joy that shot out of our screens when we needed it most gives it that standout quality that had me looking twice. Well done to everyone involved.”

Bridget’s comment: “And humour wins again! This one deserves a special mention for its all-round craft.  The art direction and framing made it stand out on a reel of serially underlit, moody commercials.  It’s an overdue visual feast, beautifully paced and edited to ensure each little punchline finds just the right beat. Quality all-round!”

Deliverance Post | Ricky Boyd
Sanlam ‘A Whole New World’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Steph Van Niekerk, CD at Grey Africa/Liquid and Moses, Cat.
October 2019

Judges Comment:
Steph: I am well acquainted with the horrors of building a narrative from found footage, and just for that, this piece deserves a special mention. The narrative arc hits all the notes, whilst the cut builds to its climatic end.
Moses: It left me feeling that maybe sometimes humans don’t suck. It was a fleeting feeling, but a feeling nonetheless.

Deliverance Post | Anthony Lee Martin
KFC ‘Hot and Crispy’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Neo Mashigo, CCO of M&C Saatchi Abel Group
September 2019

Judges Comment: “I love how this story was brought to life. Fortunately for Anthony, he had a lot of beautiful elements to work with – from brilliant directing, a stellar performance, incredible art direction and insane cinematography. So, the pressure was on for him to bring it on. The technique was subtle, but it drove the tension in the story, which held me captive. Every cut, long and short, challenged my expectations and the FBI agent in me. I followed the story closely, looking for clues – this case had to be cracked mos. We are made to lean in even closer until the story is brought to a dramatic end by a montage of quick cuts that close the case exceptionally.”

Deliverance Post | Kobus Loots
Nedbank ‘Secrets’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Neo Mashigo, CCO of M&C Saatchi Abel Group
September 2019

Judges Comment: “It’s hard enough to keep us attentive for 30 seconds. Well, the editor here was tasked with the enormous task of doing it on a 15-minute ad. Kobus managed to tell three simultaneous narratives yet keeping each lead central to the film. There are easier ways of telling this story, but they wouldn’t have had the cumulative effect of narrating three. So big ups to the team!”

Deliverance Post | Anthony Lee Martin
Pick n Pay ‘Nature Calls’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Nathan Reddy, Chairman & Founder of Grid WorldWide
January 2019

Judges Comment: “It is a beautiful execution of a complex category. All areas of storytelling beautiful executed without saying a word.”

Deliverance Post | David Oosthuizen & Gordon Midgely
Coronation ‘Trust Every Day’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Mariana O’Kelly, ECD at Ogilvy Johannesburg
March 2018

Judges Comment: “Special Mention goes to Coronation for the craft in telling a story that unfolds over time. Always hard to get right.

Deliverance Post | Gordon Midgely
Carling Black Label ‘No Excuse’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jenny Glover, ECD at TBWA\Hunt Lascaris.
November 2017

Judges Comment: “In terms of craft, one piece stood head and shoulders above the rest. The ‘No Excuse’ spot for Carling Black Label is flawlessly executed across every craft category. Kim Geldenhuys’ direction is considered but not laboured, Gordon Midgely has stitched together the edit to create a really compelling narrative and the music, supervised by Marc Algranti is amazeballs. Yes, I said amazeballs.  It’s also worth mentioning that the audio mix is very well handled. It’s no small thing to balance live sound, dialogue and a vocal music track. This piece really demonstrates how interconnected film craft is and why it’s so important to get every aspect right.

Deliverance Post | Ricky Boyd
Coca-Cola ‘Emoticons’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jonathan Deeb, Executive Creative Director at FCB Johannesburg
January 2016

Judges Comment: “Also an FCB ad, but I am the only judge, so have to do right by Tristan, who rightfully deserves a Direction mention for some charming performances and Ricky of Deliverance for assembling an engaging story. ”

Deliverance Post | Anthony Lee Martin
Scouts ‘Learn it Young. Remember it Forever.’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Michael Lees-Rolfe, Creative Director at FoxP2
September 2015

Judges Comment: “I love the simplicity of this well-handled spot, ‘Scouts’, from Gregg Bailey and the Velocity team. A small budget, a neat idea and all round quality craft makes it very, very engaging indeed. Of course, the crucial moment here is the tricky reveal, which is edited very elegantly and feels completely natural. Good job Anthony Lee Martin from Deliverance. Look out for the particularly minimal use of audio that heightens the feeling of urgency and helplessness – really effective. This spot deserves a special mention, and that has nothing to do with Ashton Kutcher’s tweet. (2.7 million views and climbing)”

Deliverance Post | Ricky Boyd
Nedbank ‘Reins’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: James Cloete, Creative Partner at 7dks
June 2015

Judges Comment: “The Nedbank direction work by Greg Grey is astonishingly beautiful and on a number of occasions I found myself wondering how he’d managed to create and capture such incredible moments on film, working with what must have been a number of different animals and trainers. I was genuinely pulled in for most of the way through. Ricky Boyd’s edit was also stand out; feeling seamless and invisible, which is what helps to keep you locked into the storytelling and to the characters. If I had to point out any faults, I’d say it fell down a little on length, the bridge back to the brand and on the fact that the lead actor is a little too overused, which always impacts negatively on the suspension of disbelief. That latter said, this is a very strong and very well crafted piece from just about every perspective.”

Deliverance Post | David Oosthuizen
Sanlam ‘Hotstix’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: James Cloete, Creative Partner at 7dks
June 2015

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