King James Group

King James Group is a 20-year old, independent South African agency, made up of seven specialist companies and divisions that work in tandem.

Cape Town & Johannesburg

CEO: James Barty
Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King

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We put idea explosion ahead of idea integration. Everything starts with a bold idea, and where that idea comes from in the group is irrelevant. In our experience, the best ideas have a flammable quality. Everyone that encounters it wants to add to it, with interest, and in doing so the idea is exploded through the group into whichever mediums make it more powerful. This collaborative structure has a significant effect. There are no parameters to how we think. No limitation to our solutions. There’s no idea that can’t be had, can’t be acted upon or made better by someone else in the building. We take the most compelling qualities of a brand and make them spectacularly memorable for a world that doesn’t think in media silos.

KingJames Group

Roodebloem Manor,
22 Lawley Road, Woodstock, 7925,
Cape Town, South Africa

Chief Executive Officer: James Barty

Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King

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