Find out more about SA’s top-ranked companies at Loeries 2018

Although the Loeries only seem like a distant memory that conjures up the smell of cheap tequila and even cheaper regrets, the official Loeries rankings were released and we’ve gone and created the ultimate cheat sheet for you. Find out more about South Africa's top creative and production companies out there. Yup, it’s the ultimate goodie bag! Grab ye olde quill and ink and start taking notes because, for the next year, these are the companies you want to work with

Bomb Commercials Signs Director Justice

Director Justice is as in touch with South Africa’s beautiful people and culture as he is with his own emotions. With his heart firmly on his sleeve, he opens up about his own journey as a Director and joining the team at Bomb Commercials.

Best in Film Craft: August 2018

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by Mr Easy on the Eyes himself, Executive Creative Director at TBWA\ Johannesburg, Kabelo Moshapalo. When not judging every award show out there, Kabelo is a master of creative digital solutions, driving creative excellence, and posing for kickass insta-selfies. An honour and a privilege to have you Kabelo!

Loeries 2018: Find out more about South Africa’s Award Winning Companies on iDidTht

We’ve put together a go-to list of all the iDidTht companies that won during 2018’s Loeries, basically a catalogue of all the sexiest companies, so now you know who to work with #ThankUsLater

South African Companies that made us Proud at Cannes 2018

Cannes is not just about Rosé, cracking an invite to a yacht party or trying to get free drinks at Gutter Bar. Nope, there’s an actual advertising festival on too! Here are all the iDidTht companies that made the world stand up and take notice. Make sure you stalk this bunch asap because these are the winners you wanna work with!

South Africa’s Cannes Predictions 2018

iDidTht asked top industry leaders to bring their Nostradamus-A-Game and look deep into their crystal balls to select which of South Africa’s entries into The Cannes Lions Festival 2018 will most likely pick up metal. Huge thanks to Fran Luckin, Neo Mashigo, Pepe Marais, Pete Case and Suhana Gordhan. This year iDidTht will be bringing you all the #SAinCannes news thanks to our kickass sponsor Zootee Studios!

Work to Watch: June 2018

This month we showcase the stand-out work that South African companies on iDidTht are doing. Apart from just bragging about it (which is very important), it’s the work that was recently featured at the Creative Circle Awards and iDidTht’s Craft Awards. View the work and find out more about the companies who did it…

Best in Film Craft: May 2018

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by Creative Director at DDB South Africa, Nicola Wielopolski. Having already bagged all the top awards herself, it's about time she hands them out. Nicola, you always rock our world!

They Did That: South Africa’s New Work

‘They Did That’ is out! This is all the most recent work that agencies want to show off. We’ve credited all the iDidTht companies who worked on it so you know who’s even sexier to work with.

Ciclope Africa 2018 – The Winning Work

Check out all the winning work from our iDidTht companies that won at the first ever Ciclope Africa Awards last night. The awards recognise craft excellence in moving image and we couldn't be prouder/more hungover. Congrats you sexy bunch!

All the Work and the Winners – Creative Circle 2017 Annual Awards

Wanna see the actual work that won? Now you can! iDidTht showcases all the work that the Creative Circle selected as the best of the best at the 2017 Annual Awards held last week. Because most of us are too busy creating even more kickass work, collecting grey water or even just facing upcoming corruption trials, we gathered all the winning work, which means you can find out more about each company involved. 

Best in Film Craft: February 2018

Executive Creative Director at Publicis Machine, Gareth McPherson, has come a long way since roaming the cutthroat halls of Rondebosch Boys’ High. Lucky for us Gareth rose above this adversity and is now a badass creative leader and we’re honoured to have him judge this month’s iDidTht Craft Awards.

Work to Watch: February 2018

This month we’re showcasing all the work by our iDidTht companies who were awarded at the recent Creative Circle and iDidTht Craft Awards. View the work and find out who did it.

iDidTht Craft Awards Rankings 2017

We’re kicking off 2018 with a throwback to 2017 by celebrating the best craft of the year. iDidTht's Monthly Craft Awards showcase the very best by production companies in SA. Here are the top 13 ranked companies of the year. So stop googling ‘What is Bitcoin’ and rather check out which production companies kicked ass, including all the Best of Reel and Special Mentions awarded by the industry's leading creatives. 

Best in Film Craft: October 2017

This month’s Craft Awards were judged by the bedroom eyes of Nkanyezi Masango, Creative Director at King James Group, Cape Town. Nkanyezi has collected a brag-worthy 9 Cannes Lions and is a champion for diversity in the creative field. Welcome Nkanyezi, you gorgeous, clever man you GRRRR 🐆

South African Companies That Made Us Proud At Cannes

All the kickass iDidTht companies that seriously brought it at Cannes this year. Congratulations you sexy bunch, we bow down! #TeamSA

Best in Film Craft: May 2017

Bridget Johnson awards this month’s best in film craft by Production Companies. She doesn’t like to brag, so we’ll do it for her: Bridget is brilliant! She’s been in the game for over 2 decades, scooped up a ridiculous amount of awards and has judged everything from Cannes to that weird hat you once wore. We bow down to her greatness!

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Work to Watch: March 2017

Every month we showcase the stand-out work that companies on iDidTht are doing. Apart from just bragging about it (which is very important), it's work that’s actually being featured at local and international award shows and that industry leaders have awarded on the SA Film Reel. It’s the work you should know about…

Best in Film Craft: March 2017

Multi-award winning Steph van Niekerk awards this month’s best in film craft by Production Companies. She’s a small person so you may not always see her entering a room, but don’t mess with her because she’ll throw SA’s first (and only) TV and Cinema Gold One Show statue at you.

The Best in Film Craft: July 2016

Gordon Ray, Executive Creative Director and Founding Partner at M&C Saatchi Abel Cape Town, awards the best in film craft by Production Companies this month. View the winners and all the entries by the leading production companies in South Africa.