Best in Film Craft: February 2018

Executive Creative Director at Publicis Machine, Gareth McPherson, has come a long way since roaming the cutthroat halls of Rondebosch Boys’ High. Lucky for us Gareth rose above this adversity and is now a badass creative leader and we’re honoured to have him judge this month’s iDidTht Craft Awards.

iDidTht Craft Awards Rankings 2017

We’re kicking off 2018 with a throwback to 2017 by celebrating the best craft of the year. iDidTht's Monthly Craft Awards showcase the very best by production companies in SA. Here are the top 13 ranked companies of the year. So stop googling ‘What is Bitcoin’ and rather check out which production companies kicked ass, including all the Best of Reel and Special Mentions awarded by the industry's leading creatives. 

Best in Film Craft: February 2017

Mike Barnwell, Executive Creative Director at FCB Cape Town, awards the best in film craft by Production Companies this month. Mike left New Zealand in 2012, sending the country into a downward spiral - it is now the 4th highest user of amphetamines worldwide. Meanwhile, since Mike moved to Cape Town, the city has been named the world’s ‘Best City’. Coincidence? We think not…