Inside the Agency with Grid: Out with Branding, In with Culture

Grid has become so much more than just the branding and design specialists we’ve come to know. But to fully understand their new offering we needed to find their G in Culture. We went into the agency for a one-on-one with the Big Guns; CCO Nathan Reddy and Joint CEO’s and Partners David Cohen and Adam Byars for a behind-the-scenes look.

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Loeries 2018: Find out more about South Africa’s Award Winning Companies on iDidTht

We’ve put together a go-to list of all the iDidTht companies that won during 2018’s Loeries, basically a catalogue of all the sexiest companies, so now you know who to work with #ThankUsLater

Work to Watch: June 2018

This month we showcase the stand-out work that South African companies on iDidTht are doing. Apart from just bragging about it (which is very important), it’s the work that was recently featured at the Creative Circle Awards and iDidTht’s Craft Awards. View the work and find out more about the companies who did it…

D&AD Awards – South Africa’s Winning Work

(All winners announced) Follow our D&AD 2018 Winners page for all the live Pencil announcements and find out who is bringing back Wood, Graphite, Yellow and Black Pencils.

Live Updates: SA’s Winners & Shortlists At Cannes 2017

iDidTht is following the results as they happen. Check in to see how South Africa is doing at Cannes 2017.