Best of Reel awarded to WAIF ‘Repertoire’ by Aadil Dhalech from Patriot Films – Direction Craft.

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by Creative Director at DDB South Africa, Nicola Wielopolski.  Having already bagged all the top awards herself, it’s about time she hands them out. Nicola, you always rock our world!


BEST OF REEL: WAIF ‘Repertoire’
Patriot Films | Aadil Dhalech
(Direction Craft)


SPECIAL MENTION: Indiefin ‘Be Indie’
Bioscope Films | Pressure Cooker Studios
(Original Music Craft)
*Please note: This piece was produced by Bioscope films, who have entered it for Music Craft on Pressure Cooker Studio’s behalf.

SPECIAL MENTION: #hopejoanna
Bomb Commercials | Teboho
(Direction Craft)

Judges comments by Nicola Wielopolski, Creative Director at DDB South Africa

As a junior, I remember spending ages debating with my ECD over 3% more yellow in the layout. Things really have changed since then. With budgets getting tighter and deadlines shorter, it feels like craft isn’t at the top of the priority list anymore. So I really enjoyed judging this month’s craft entries. But craft isn’t just attention to detail, it’s also originality. Many of the spots felt familiar, the ones that stood out approached the brief in an unexpected way.

BEST OF REEL: WAIF ‘Repertoire’ by Aadil Dhalech from Patriot Films – Direction Craft.
An Art Nouveau commercial, with a beautiful and clever treatment. We’re bombarded with so much that it takes a lot to hold the viewers’ attention and not skip a commercial. This piece succeeds, and it’s partly because it doesn’t feel like an ad. You can see the love that went into it, proof that you don’t need big budgets to make great work, you need passion. I’m off to buy some earrings and start smoking.

SPECIAL MENTION: Indiefin ‘Be Indie’ produced by Bioscope Films, entering on behalf of Pressure Cooker Studios – Original Music Craft
I love how this track combines so many ideas together. Traditionally you would want to keep things simple, this goes against that and proves there are no rules.

SPECIAL MENTION: #hopejoanna by Teboho from Bomb Commercials – Direction Craft
You had me at musical. I love the energy, blend of old with new and the good vibes it leaves you with.

About Our Judge

iDidTht Craft Awards Guest Judge: Nicola Wielopolski, Creative Director at DDB South Africa

Despite being terrible at spelling and suffering from self-diagnosed dyslexia, Nicola Wielopolski has been lucky enough to be awarded by Cannes, D&AD, New York Festivals, One Show, Clio’s and several local awards. She earned further recognition in 2017, when she was awarded one of only 12 seats on the Phyllis Project, a global creative initiative launched by DDB to increase the number of female creative leaders in the network. Over the last 16 years, she has worked at some of SA’s top creative agencies, The Jupiter Drawing Room, Ogilvy, MetropolitanRepublic and DDB. She’s not just a Creative Director, she’s also a wife and mother to two gorgeous girls. 

All Film Reel Entries

7Films | Siphiwe Myeza
Bostik ‘Cupcake’
(Direction Craft)

7Films | Siphiwe Myeza
Google ‘Football’
(Direction Craft)

Arcade Content | Zandi Tisani
Superbalist ‘Show Them’
(Direction Craft)

Bioscope Films | Rio Allen
Carling Black Label ‘Strong Women Raise Strong Men’
(Direction Craft)

Bomb Commercials | Tebza
Telkom ‘Spirit’
(Direction Craft)

Carbon Films | Rob Smith
Cape Union Mart ‘Declare Warmth’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Ross Garrett
Castle Lager ‘GameDay’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Slim
Nissan ‘2am’
(Direction Craft)

Egg Films | Dani Hynes
Wimpy Burger & Shake Combo
(Direction Craft)

Let It Rain Films | Lee Doig
Outsurance ’20th Birthday’
(Direction Craft)

Patriot Films | Aadil Dhalech
TransAct ‘Ponycorn’
(Direction, EditingCraft)

Patriot Films | Aadil Dhalech
TransAct ‘Concert’
(Direction, Editing Craft)

Picture Tree | Bevan Cullinan
Windhoek Beer ‘Perfect Moment’
(Direction Craft)

The Rudeboy Collective | Rob Malpage
McDonald’s ‘How Do You Big Mac?’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Ross Garrett
Castle Lager ‘Gameday’
(Grade Craft)

Deliverance Post Production | Anthony Lee Martin
IndieFin ‘Be Indie’
(Editing Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus | Mark Ash
Castle Lager ‘Game Day’
(Offline Edit Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Windhoek ‘Perfect Time, Perfect Beer’
(Offline Edit, Grade and Online Edit Craft)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
Allan Gray ‘Father’s Share’
(Original Music Craft)

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