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Directors: Brent Harris / Imraan Christian / Kyle Lewis / Lebogang Rasethaba / Zwelethu Radebe / Adrian de sa Garces
Executive Producers: Colin Howard / Sean Beukes

Featured Work 

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Egg Films | Adrian De Sa Garces
Chicken Licken ‘Easybucks Popcorn’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Marcus Moshapalo, Executive Creative Director at VMLY&R
April 2023

Marcus’ comment: ‘This piece had me chuckling. The cast (bear included) was perfect. The director’s comedic timing was great. The art direction and location superb.’

Egg Films | Kyle Lewis
Toya Delazy ‘Resurrection’ (Music Video)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Adam Howard, Owner, Composer and Engineer at Howard Audio
June 2021

Adam’s comment: ‘This film is quite literally an assault on the senses, but in all the right ways. At times I didn’t know whether I was dreaming, hallucinating or watching a music video. Kyle takes us on a journey into the spiritual underworld completely in harmony with the music. I know as a judge we try to not get swayed by other crafts like music production and art direction, but when all these elements come together as they do here it creates art and for many moments in this piece, I completely lost touch with reality, which is what art should do.’

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe
Carling Black Label ‘Class of its Own’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Lebogang Rasethaba, director at Egg Films/Arcade
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Stephanie Symonds, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi
November 2020

Lebogang’s comment: “Man this is a beautifully crafted and impactful piece of work from Zwele. The performances are understated and immediately draw you in. The piece is cinematic and evocative while still feeling real.”

Stephanie’s comment: “There’s a sensitivity and a subtlety to the performances that really lets the characters live and breathe. Thanks for the feelings Zwelethu.”

Egg Films | Adrian de sa Garces
SHOWMAX ‘Gamechangers’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Grant Sithole, ECD of FOXP2
October 2020

Grant’s comment: “This could not have been an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. The edit and grade topped of what is clearly a well worked piece of VFX meets live-action. Love it.”

Egg Films | Robin Adams
(neo) normal (Short Film)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Tseliso Rangaka, CCO at FCB Africa
August 2020

Tseliso’s comment: “I watched this three times in a row and still couldn’t understand it. I enjoyed the challenge though. It’s kind of like a symbolism easter egg hunt, exploring the different ways in which the world as we know it has gone upside down and sideways. The film is completely crazy but it also makes intuitive sense. The new normal after all, is nothing but. Maybe Robin should share the storyboard with us.”

Egg Films | Robin Adams
Momentum Metropolitan Holdings CSI ‘Rhiza Babuyile’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Greg Gray, Director at Romance Films
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jake Bester, Creative Partner / Executive Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel
April 2020

Greg’s comment: “Two testimonial commercials that are worth a special mention, come at a time where the strength of community, hope and opportunity are giving the people of South Africa the strength to weather this storm. Justice Mukheli’s ‘Sakhumzi’ and Robin Adam’s ‘Rhiza Babuyile’ are very different in execution, but are both moving testaments to the power of strength and support in a time of need.”

Jake’s comment: “I really liked the off-camera reading of the subject’s letter: It had a noticeable effect on the character and really brought out a great piece of performance. It also really drew me in and made me want to watch further.” 

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe (Direction)
Vicks ‘Where Joy Lives’ #TouchOfCare
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Ricky Boyd, Film Editor at Deliverance Post
March 2020

Judge’s Comment: “A close contender for Best in Craft as all aspects were of such a high standard. It loses its way a bit in the middle, a trap we perhaps fall into when duration is not an issue and we become a tad indulgent. However, the performance, cinematography and edit work hand in hand to deliver on this emotional story. The music is handled well around the narration and while perhaps a little expected, still lends well to the mood. Congratulations to all on the hard work apparent in this piece.”

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe (Direction)
Fabian Vettiger (Cinematography)
Castle ‘Africa 5’s’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Kabelo Moshapalo, ECD at TBWA Hunt Lascaris
February 2020

Judge’s Comment: “I like how it feels so authentically Pan African, gritty and multi-textured from great casting, as well as rich locally nuanced scenes. Leaving you with memorable beautiful people, spaces and notably street-level football action. All this complimented by the fast-paced camerawork and energetic edit with quick cuts bringing the exciting dynamic 5 a side sports format to life.”

Egg Films | Adrian de sa Garces
MTN ‘Boss Zonke’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Graeme Jenner, ECD of King James Group JHB
November 2019

Judges Comment: “If I had to be analytical about why I think this ad is well directed, it’s because all of the reactions to the lead character need to work when you think it’s Riky and then still again after when you know it’s not. I watched it again. They do. And if I had to not be analytical, then I just think it’s funny, which is enough for me. So I shall mention it, in a special way.”

Egg Films | Kyle Lewis
Adidas ‘Anywhere We Go’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Claudi Potter, CD at Joe Public United
June 2019

Judges Comment: I love the choreography and casting. The projected titles are also beautifully considered. Visually great.”

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe (Direction)
Comfort and Fame| Nic Apostoli (Grade)
Cadbury ‘Mom’s Birthday’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Fran Luckin, CCO at Grey Africa
May 2019
*Please note this spot was entered for Grade Craft by Egg Films on behalf of Nic Apostoli

Judges Comment: “Solid, well-crafted storytelling. There isn’t a false note struck in any of the performances. I love the way that this isn’t a game – it’s a serious transaction between two human beings in a world where the child has set the terms. There’s no obvious smile and wink to the audience.”

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe
SAB 18+ ‘Be The Mentor’
William Kalmer (Editing) / Nic Apostoli (Grade) / Grant Booth (Original Music)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Nathan Reddy, Chairman & Founder of Grid WorldWide
January 2019
*Please note this spot was entered for Editing, Grade and Original Music by Egg Films on behalf of the above-mentioned people.

Judges Comment: This month’s winner holistically held my attention even though it was long. Idea, acting, storytelling at its best. Craft is everything, it’s not just one thing. This spot had all the pieces together… The ability to move a person and be so pure to your craft is what this piece is about.”

Egg Films | Zwelethu Radebe
Ford Fiesta ‘Independent State of Nandi’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Kabelo Moshapalo, Executive Creative Director, TBWA\ Johannesburg
August 2018

Judges Comment: This is definitely a great piece of storytelling, and that goes without saying, as this is a soapie – an online soapie. The drama, the suspense and the plot twists will have you glued to your screen at every turn letting you forget that it’s actually a piece of branded content.”

Egg Films | Lebogang Rasethaba
Caste Lite ‘Money Calling’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Stuart Stobbs Chief Creative Officer at 1886 Advertising
June 2018

Judges Comment: “Wow, a song and a music video that have been made for a brand but don’t seem like they’ve been made by a brand! Great job. Lebo and Egg have masterfully crafted some real kick-ass Wakanda-like imagery. Also, love the constant icefall that ties every shot together in a dreamy, chilly, afrofuture fantasy wonderland.”

Egg Films | Sunu
Absolut ‘One Source Live – Africa On Fire’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Cameron Watson, Creative Director at King James Group
December 2017

Judges Comment: “There is always a challenge to doing a great piece. There is an even greater challenge to making the piece that follows. Sunu has been able to summon his own superpowers for this month’s craft ‘Best of Reel’ and given us yet another visual spectacular for Absolut : One Source. This 4-minute-plus promo is full of styling, attention to detail and new visuals that keep you entertained. I felt that while the visual effects were slightly overused, and more in-camera trickery would have helped the scenes sit seamlessly into the beautifully styled and art directed world that is created for us, they can be forgiven in light of the theme. A piece that all involved can be proud of.”

Egg Films | Lebogang Rasethaba
Nike ‘Shana Powers’ & Nike ‘The Pack’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Ahmed Tilly, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Joburg
August 2017

Judges Comment: Big ups to Lebo for directing a campaign of somewhat dark, super-real, very honest commercials for Nike. He took me for a tour through the urban streets of South Africa and the unflinching minds of some powerful women. And he did it with visual gritt. Dankie Boi-Boi!”

Egg Films | Sunu
Metropolitan ‘#ISeeYou’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Zwelakhe Zee Tshabangu, founder and Executive Creative Director of The Make Beautiful Agency
July 2017

Judges Comment: Sunu really broke the “poor Africa” stereotype with his Gold Cannes winning Absolute Africa music video for Khuli Chana. The way he’s defined the texture of Neo-African Pop Culture is really dope. I like to call it polish grit. A well-written piece wonderfully directed with scenes that stay embedded in your mind long after you’ve seen the commercial.

Egg Films | Sunu
KFC ‘Themed Burger’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Steph van Niekerk
March 2017

Judges Comment: “When you have a really simple script, the temptation is always to embellish it with some kind of interesting technique or layers of fancy things. I respect the restraint of this spot. It’s simple and understated but expertly crafted. The lead is comfortable in his role and the edit works well with the music to punctuate the spot (0:12 etc). Loved the grade too. All in all there is an authenticity and a feeling of effortlessness to this ad and I think that’s true to the brand it advertises. Nice one, Sunu.

Egg Films | Sunu
Standard Bank Africa ‘Never Stop Moving Forward’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Eoin Welsh, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide
August 2016

Judges Comment: “Hats off to Sunu for a genuinely engaging piece of filmmaking. The images are beautiful and thoughtfully sequenced, complimenting the script and the idea without overpowering it. The editing is dynamic and smartly paced. Kudos as well for the considerable achievement of avoiding African cliches, not only in the pictures but in the sound design as well. It made our continent feel as sexy and exciting as we Africans know it to be.”

Egg Films | Dani Hynes
Absa ‘My Moments’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Suhana Gordhan, Creative Director, FCB Johannesburg.
November 2016

Judges Comment: “The montage ad is hard to do and do well because for a viewer, it always feels like you’re standing and watching everything like a window display. But Dani Hynes manages to break that display window and make you feel something. Great, natural performances, lovely break in the scenes with real sound design. Never overdone and always honest.”

IDIDTHAT Editorial

Egg Films appoints Lisa Wides as Head of Communication

March 12th, 2024|Comments Off on Egg Films appoints Lisa Wides as Head of Communication

Egg Films is thrilled to welcome Lisa Wides (formerly Lisa Jaffee) as their new Head of Communication. She’s no newcomer to the advertising world, bringing over 17 years of experience as an agency TV Producer, most recently serving as the Head of Broadcast at Ogilvy before taking a break to raise kids. Lisa will be a dedicated resource and point of contact for agencies, working closely with agency producers and creatives, serving as the go-to person, and providing agencies with an invaluable resource throughout campaigns.

Imraan Christian finds a new canvas at Egg Films

September 12th, 2023|Comments Off on Imraan Christian finds a new canvas at Egg Films

Imraan Christian’s recent move to Egg Films marks a natural, yet anticipated, evolution in his artistic journey. The award-winning director has very quickly made a name for himself in the commercials world, crafting strong visual work and embracing a profound commitment to creating lasting relationships with his collaborators and cast. This philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in his personal mantra, ‘I always hope to leave more than I take.’ The announcement of Imraan joining the roster at Egg Films coincides with the release of his latest commercial for TymeBank in collaboration Accenture Song.

Egg Films’ Lebogang Rasethaba directs for Emmy-nominated docu-series Home on Apple TV+

July 8th, 2022|Comments Off on Egg Films’ Lebogang Rasethaba directs for Emmy-nominated docu-series Home on Apple TV+

Established as a director known for crafting intimate thought-provoking and always culturally relevant work, Lebogang Rasethaba has recently directed two inspiring pieces of storytelling for Apple TV+. The design docu-series Home, features some of the most remarkable houses across the world and the visionaries behind the designs. We spoke to Director and Partner at Egg Films and Co-Founder of Arcade, Lebogang, about the experience of directing two of the season’s episodes; one set in South Africa and the other in Ghana.

Director Imraan Christian joins Arcade

October 29th, 2021|Comments Off on Director Imraan Christian joins Arcade

Director Imraan Christian is updating his bio to include ‘Arcade Director’ to his already prestigious list of titles. In addition to bringing an honest grassroots approach to his work, Imraan is an emotionally intelligent filmmaker. Whether it’s his award-winning music videos, commercials or his internationally acclaimed photography and documentary work, they are all beautifully executed and grounded in thoughtful storytelling.