Imraan Christian finds a new canvas at Egg Films

Imraan Christian’s recent move to Egg Films marks a natural, yet anticipated, evolution in his artistic journey. The award-winning director has very quickly made a name for himself in the commercials world, crafting strong visual work and embracing a profound commitment to creating lasting relationships with his collaborators and cast. This philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in his personal mantra, ‘I always hope to leave more than I take.’ The announcement of Imraan joining the roster at Egg Films coincides with the release of his latest commercial for TymeBank in collaboration Accenture Song.

Imraan’s latest commercial for TymeBank is a testament to his thoughtful approach, combining classic South African scenes with a rich texture of colour and emotion. The visually captivating spot reflects the essence of South Africa’s many cultures and people.

‘I always try and forge connections with my cast, beyond the pursuit of capturing a striking image. With each project, I hope to leave more than I take. I hope this resonates with audiences as strongly as the visual aesthetics,’ says Imraan.


TymeBank marks one of many projects that Imraan has delivered alongside the team at Arcade (Egg Films’ sister company) over the trajectory of his directing career. In fact, Imraan appears to be on a fast track, with much of his work grabbing the industry’s attention. One of his first spots, directed alongside Lebogang Rasethaba for Castle Milk Stout earned them an IDIDTHAT Best in Craft for direction. This was followed by a Craft Mention for Imraan’s emotive and visually stunning treatment of the music video for Sampa The Great. Imraan kicked off 2023 with another Best in Craft for Desire Marea’s ‘Be Free’ which he also DOP’d. The spot also received a D&AD nomination for Best Director and an award for Best Performance in a Music Video. Last year Imraan was included by The One Club for Creativity as one of the Young Guns 20 and this year he was asked to serve on the Young Guns 21 jury. Take a look at the work we just mentioned.

Castle Milk Stout ‘Last Stories of Culture’
(Co-directed with Lebogang Rasethaba)

Sampa The Great ‘Lane ft Denzel Curry’

Desire Marea ‘Be Free’ (Music Video)

IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Mark Middlewick, Director at First Pencil said of Imraan’s direction on Desire Marea ‘Be Free’ (Music Video) ‘This is an exceptional piece of work with a distinctive directorial voice. It’s an intimate and hallucinatory journey into a South African criminal underworld that I haven’t seen before (and on a music video budget). Very often music videos can feel like a hodgepodge of visually superficial scenes that don’t form a creative whole, but Imraan somehow manages to juggle narrative, performance and tone into a singular visceral experience. Exquisite work Imraan.’

IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Julie Thorogood, Creative Director at NetworkBBDO said of the spot Sampa The Great ‘Lane ft Denzel Curry’ ‘I watched this video over and over. From powerful immersive performances, scenes that push boundaries, beautifully rich art direction and romantic cinematography… what’s not to love! Well done Imraan Christian, you gave me goosebumps!’

IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Mfundo Mkhize, Director at The Star Film Company said of Imraan’s music video for ‘Sampa The Great ‘Lane ft Denzel Curry’ ‘I’ve watched this video numerous times. These arresting images and performances are so captivating. Imraan Christian is such a creative talent with powerful imagery. I won’t pretend I understand all of it but I do know it makes me feel something. To Imraan: Damn guy!’

Imraan says, ‘Directing the music video for Sampa the Great was the first time that I felt my craft was at the level where it could do justice to my voice. Now that I’m joining Egg, I am absolutely still passionate about doing projects like that. That project shows what passionate storytelling can look like when coupled with good resources.’ And with Egg he certainly will have resources, especially considering the recent strategic decision to merge Arcade into Egg, uniting the strengths under a single brand umbrella.

‘Combining Arcade’s resources with Egg means we can consolidate, align, and work stronger, faster and more intentionally. There is no point in having two ships sailing to the same place. The energy, connection and relationships along the commercial-making process are really important to all of us and I think that is a defining attribute of what the similarities are between Egg and Arcade – it’s the people-first approach which is what runs throughout the DNA of both companies and now it will all be channelled into Egg. I have always felt immensely well-supported in all my work by both teams, so this feels like a natural growth and progression,’ says Imraan.

Imraan will also continue his directing collaboration on certain projects with Egg Films’ partner and director, Lebogang Rasethaba and Producers Will Nicholson and Julia Schnurr. The group will operate under the name ‘Arcadia’.

Imraan’s artistic journey is not confined to filmmaking alone; he is also a photographer, fine artist, and painter, with a diverse portfolio of creative accomplishments. Imraan was the recipient of the Levi’s Photo Vogue grant for his work with the Olifant Family in Eldorado Park Joburg, and says, ‘This story explores the thread that ties many generations together; timeless style. The 501 is essentially timeless, and loved by the Matriarch of the Olifant family; Aunty Janet. The story explores this idea of intergenerational connection through the cyclical nature of fashion. The family in frame, lovingly known by the Eldorado community as the Olifant family, are a tight-knit group of style benders and community cornerstones.’

More about the Eldorado Olifant here 

When referring to Imraan, the word ‘multifaceted’ is an understatement. When we asked him what else he had on his plate, he said, ‘I’ve been working on a lot more commercials campaign photography for Egg Films over the past months. I also began my career as a DOP over 10 years ago and I look forward to getting behind the camera on more of my work in the future. My next project though is an exhibition of my photography, short film and fine arts in Milan in November.’

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