POST gets sexier, welcomes Two AM to the building, now offering full post AND sound design, composition and voice-over facilities

POST has established itself as a top full-service post-production, VFX and Sound Design solutions hub with a super sexy creative space housed in the Old Castle Brewery in Cape Town. Get ready to high-five convenience because the team are now broadening their offering as they are joined in their building by Two AM Music. Although the companies will remain independent, the under-one-roof collaboration will mean that POST clients will now have in-house access to Original Music Composition and studio-quality Voice-over recording facilities.

Audio Engineer Vuyo Rhoda has been working with POST for many years, offering Sound Design and Final Mix to their clients where needed. ‘Before Two AM joined us, we found that agencies and clients were really responding positively to being able to do their sound in our building. We recently also built a Voice-over booth which has further streamlined the post process. This is why it’s so exciting to now offer even more and get to work with some of the best in the sound industry with Two AM in the building. It takes our offering to a whole new level, ’ says Vuyo. With Two AM being in the same building, Music Composition is a few steps away. In fact, just down the passage is where you’d bump into Senior Composer Sean Ross.

Audio Engineer Vuyo Rhoda in the Post recording studio.

Senior Composer Sean Ross & Audio Engineer Vuyo Rhoda in the Two AM studios in the Post CT building.

There’s a good reason why POST invited Two AM into their space with open arms. Two AM has been around for over 25 years focusing on Original Music Composition, Sonic Branding, and Sound Design. Their diverse team spans across multiple countries including USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and Malaysia. In South Africa, Sean Ross is on the ground for Two AM and is full-time on-site. Sean might be classically trained but he has a wild obsession for experimental electronic music. He’s produced for top local talent including Moonchild Sanelly, Mx Blouse, Red Robyn and Bye Beneco.

Oliver Stutz, Executive Creative Director and Partner of Two AM says of the collab, ‘Before even diving into the planning of our Cape Town launch, POST was always where I pictured the studio in my mind. People are naturally drawn to places where they feel comfortable and motivated, and that’s exactly what Lee-Anne & Reg have created. A space that not only acts as a well-equipped Post-Production facility, but also an inspiring hub that encourages collaboration and creativity. Besides the actual space, Lee-Anne & Reg have taught me a lot and were a massive support during the earlier stages of my career. I have loads of respect for what they’ve created, and couldn’t be more excited to team up and give their clients access to our team and services.’

‘Our clients value our ability to assemble the right team for any job and this collaboration is exactly that. Two AM are excellent at what they do and we are genuinely thrilled we can now offer their services. Naturally, if our clients opt for an alternative sound route, we’ll stick to the tried-and-true POST approach – assembling the optimal team to cater to their post requirements. However, enhancing our offering in this way is really exciting,’ remarks Lee-Anne Rennie, Co-owner of POST.

Founded in 2011 POST officially became independent under the new ownership of Lee-Anne and Regardt Voges in 2018. Since then, the duo have steadily grown the business into the powerhouse it is today. Apart from adding more edit suits over the years and now the full sound offering, the two also recently purchased their office building, something they are very proud of achieving and say ‘We’ve been so fortunate to year by year, steadily grow our business. And we have been really fortunate to work with great directors & creative teams from production companies and agencies. We collaborate with a lot of companies and freelancers and we’ve built a communal creative space where creativity comes together and cross pollinates, something our clients really enjoy,’ says Regardt.

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