Howard Audio sweeps the floor with FOUR Creative Circle Annual Awards, leading the charge in audio

The Creative Circle Annual Awards might be done but the taste of the win is still fresh in the air at Howard Audio, and for good reason. The team were the audio force behind 4 awards, including winning FIRST in the Integrated Campaign category, FIRST in the Radio and Audio campaign category, First in the Mza’taal category and SECOND in the Digital category. Massive congrats to Adam Howard and his team – always pushing the standards of audio in South Africa!

To be named one of the monthly award winners by the Creative Circle is already a big win,  but to take home the big overall annual awards on the night, that’s something to shout about! Howard Audio won first in the Integrated Campaign category for ‘Finding the Forgotten Graduate’ in collaboration with Promise and PPS! An incredible ten-part digital storytelling campaign that we wrote about last year. Howard Audio was responsible for over 40 minutes of original music and sound design on this project… 40 minutes! The campaign also picked up a second place in the Digital category. 

Howard Audio picked up first place in the Radio and Audio Campaign category for Boomtown and A Million Girls Foundation. ‘We are so proud of our head of audio Paul Theodorou who crafted the hell out of this with Thule Ngcese!’, says Howard Audio Owner, Composer & Final Mix Engineer Adam Howard. The same campaign also picked up first prize in the Mza’taal category.’

Not only is Adam and his team sweeping at Award Shows, he also composed the mnemonic for the new Creative Circle podcast in collaboration with Kagiso Media, ‘Talking in Creative Circles’. ‘A mnemonic is a two or three second audio logo, usually about five notes. ‘When I create a mnemonic, I usually begin by looking at the brand DNA and see if there is a musical connection in some way. I think this mnemonic encapsulates the brand in musical terms, being cyclical, minimalist and open – it’ is a creative circle in music.

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