Howard Audio goes back in time to alter the future in ‘Finding the Forgotten Graduate’ campaign

‘Finding the Forgotten Graduate’ is a massive ten-part digital storytelling campaign that takes us back in time to honour the pioneering intellectuals whose stories have almost entirely been omitted from our history books. Introducing us, to among others, the very first South African of colour to get a degree, the campaign uncovers South African history that has been hidden for over a century. Howard Audio was responsible for crafting the composition, sound-design and final-mix of the audio for this groundbreaking project and thanks to him and the whole team involved, the rest is history.

Directed by Tebza Malope of The Star Film Company for PPS Insurance, ‘Finding the Forgotten Graduate’ consists of two commercial films that top and tail a total of ten audio stories, each averaging 3 mins in duration. Adam Howard wrote bespoke solo piano music for every single piece, including sound design and 10 different VO’s narrating each audio piece that introduces us to historic figures on an interactive website.

Here’s a small taste of the campaign, but y’all, you HAVE TO visit to best experience the magnitude of this project. The way Adam’s music and sound design guides you through the interactive timeline is truly a historical treasure #ClappingWildly

Finding the Forgotten Graduate (Intro Film)

Finding the Forgotten Graduate (Outro Film)

Finding the Forgotten Graduate
Jotello Soga

Finding the Forgotten Graduate
C Louis Leipoldt

Find the Forgotten Graduate
William Soga

Adam said: ‘It was a brief like we’d never had before. It was almost like composing a whole movie, made up of different scenes reflecting a series of graduates of colour who had deliberately been sidelined from the mainstream South African history narrative. Working hand in glove with the Promise team, and Tebza Malope of Star Films, we crafted the ten narrative tales that take place over a more than one-hundred-year period. I composed and arranged around forty minutes of music. Unconstrained by the usual 30-second or even 2-minute format, I could set my musical imagination free. When the story required, I included African percussive and vocal moments to highlight the narrative.’

Take a look at the interactive website for the full experience

Howard Audio was also awarded a Craft Mention at IDIDTHAT’s monthly awards for Original Music, Sound Design and Final Mix for the campaign. He was recognised by both judges, Ana Rocha, Executive Creative Director at VMLY&R and Amy Allais, Director at Ola! Films for his contribution to the project.

Here’s what Ana Roche had to say about Adam’s Craft: ‘Adam’s amazing sound design and composition creates the sublime feeling of having read a great book, so much craft in shaping the story, in the warm texture of the narrator…beautiful.’ Said Ana Roche

Judge Amy Allais commented: ‘This is such important work. Our history will go untold unless research like this is done, and it’s a rare and beautiful thing to see it presented in such an engrossing way. The actual idea behind the project is inspired, and the website is beautifully put together. The music and sound design underpins the stories in a way that doesn’t draw attention to itself but is so effective. It really brought these forgotten, inspiring figures to life.’

It’s really exciting to see work like this coming from South Africa, truly one for the history books. Well done to all involved!


Client – PPS Insurance
Agency – Promise Group
Agency Producers – Netania Frey, Ashley Du Preez
Original Music – Adam Howard (Howard Audio)
Final Mix – Adam Howard (Howard Audio)
Digital Agency – URSA
Development Partner – INJOZI
Developers – Brent Robinson, Byron Meyer
Dev Producers – Garth Goodman, Bianca Hart
Production Company – Star Films
Director – Tebogo Malope
Film Producer – Adam Thal
Copywriter – Irene Styger
Art Director – Suzanne Jenner
Creative Director – Catherine Wanliss, Gregory King
Agency Producer – Juliet Curtis

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