Hey South Africa, the lover and fighter is back to make you feel something!

Director Erik Johann Van Wyk, one of South Africa’s most talented exports is home. The multi-award-winning director renowned for his emotionally moving high-concept work has returned to South Africa and launched his own local production company, ‘Lovers & Fighters.’

For those of you who have literally just been born (because how else would you not know his name), Erik’s journey in the world of advertising began during his tenure at the original Hunt Lascaris as an award-winning creative. His talent led him to directing at Velocity Films in Johannesburg, Harry Nash and Independent in London, Anonymous Content and his own and current company Monument in Los Angeles.

He has decided, as a first-time father that he wants his little boy to grow up in Cape Town, hence the home-coming, the house buying and the company. Who can blame him?

Known for his unwavering commitment and love for bringing exceptional creative ideas to life, Erik throws down the gauntlet when it comes to fighting for big impact, technically innovative executions. ‘By the time creatives brief a director they are exhausted from fighting for months to keep their idea alive and scripts have been through the wringer of petrified clients and brain numbing research – that is one thing that has never changed and it is the same all over the world – so it is my job as a director to help them power up and breathe life into their idea by bringing emotional and visual scale to their project. It is all about making them feel something and moving them, not showing them more-of-the-same wallpaper. I love great ideas and I personally know how incredibly precious they are, so I can’t help but fight the good fight all the way until the most important last minutes of the edit approval. Hence the name of my company and the open-door policy for anyone who wants to make entertaining things that actually stand out.’

Some of the most memorable South African ads from Erik are KFC’s ‘So Good’, Coca-Cola’s ‘BRRR!’ and Cadbury’s ‘Balloons’, to name a few!




Despite the distance, Erik never lost his connection to South Africa, returning periodically to contribute his expertise, including shooting that ‘What Could Go Wrong’ Santam spot with Alistair King and the team at Accenture Song (then King James).

Erik continues shooting internationally and some of our all-time favourite spots were crafted by him – Allegro ‘Lemonade’, come on! I WISH I DID THAT!







We can’t wait to see what he brings to our party this time.

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