Best in Film Craft: November 2018

Ke Dezemba Boss!😎 But first… November’s iDidTht Craft Awards have officially been judged by one of the biggest guns in the industry. Raise your craft gin glasses to the legend herself: former Chairperson of The Loeries, Creative Director at FCB and a leader we’d happily follow into any pitch, Suhana Gordhan! Massive congrats to all the sexy winners.

South Africa’s Work to Watch: December 2018

This month we showcase the stand-out work that South African companies on iDidTht are doing. Apart from just bragging about it (which is very important), it’s the work that was recently featured at the Creative Circle Awards and iDidTht’s Craft Awards. View the work and find out more about the companies who did it…

Best in Film Craft: October 2018

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by the legend himself, Xolisa Dyeshana. If you don’t know who Xolisa is, well tbh, we don’t see the brightest future for you in advertising, but in short: Chairperson of the Creative Circle/Chief Creative Officer and partner at Joe Public/Former Chairperson of The Loeries/named one of the Top 6 People To Watch In Advertising by Finweek/Seriously, Google guys!

Best in Film Craft: August 2018

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by Mr Easy on the Eyes himself, Executive Creative Director at TBWA\ Johannesburg, Kabelo Moshapalo. When not judging every award show out there, Kabelo is a master of creative digital solutions, driving creative excellence, and posing for kickass insta-selfies. An honour and a privilege to have you Kabelo!

Best in Film Craft: June 2018

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by Chief Creative Officer at 1886 Advertising, Stuart Stobbs. We couldn’t find an active Facebook or Twitter account for Stuart, which set off some major alarms, but his LinkedIn profile assures us he is legit. Love you Stuart (and that hairstyle)! 😘

Best in Film Craft: May 2018

This month’s iDidTht Craft Awards are judged by Creative Director at DDB South Africa, Nicola Wielopolski. Having already bagged all the top awards herself, it's about time she hands them out. Nicola, you always rock our world!

Ciclope Africa 2018 – The Winning Work

Check out all the winning work from our iDidTht companies that won at the first ever Ciclope Africa Awards last night. The awards recognise craft excellence in moving image and we couldn't be prouder/more hungover. Congrats you sexy bunch!

Best in Film Craft: May 2017

Bridget Johnson awards this month’s best in film craft by Production Companies. She doesn’t like to brag, so we’ll do it for her: Bridget is brilliant! She’s been in the game for over 2 decades, scooped up a ridiculous amount of awards and has judged everything from Cannes to that weird hat you once wore. We bow down to her greatness!

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Best in Film Craft: February 2017

Mike Barnwell, Executive Creative Director at FCB Cape Town, awards the best in film craft by Production Companies this month. Mike left New Zealand in 2012, sending the country into a downward spiral - it is now the 4th highest user of amphetamines worldwide. Meanwhile, since Mike moved to Cape Town, the city has been named the world’s ‘Best City’. Coincidence? We think not…