Best in Film Craft awarded to Director Jason Fialkov (Carbon Films) for City of Cape Town ’16 Days of Activism’

We’re not quite done with 2019 yet! December’s iDidTht Craft Awards were judged by the bearded beauty himself, Ryan McManus. Apart from being the Regional CCO at VMLY&R South Africa and on the Creative Circle EXCO, Ryan has been recognised at Cannes, D&AD, Loeries, One Show, ADC, Effies, NYF and often on the streets. Thank you, Ryan, you gorgeous clever creative you!

BEST IN FILM CRAFT: City of Cape Town ’16 Days of Activism’
Carbon Films  | Jason Fialkov
(Direction Craft)


CRAFT SPECIAL MENTION: Google ‘Google Station’
Bioscope Films | Kyla Philander
(Direction Craft)

CRAFT SPECIAL MENTION:  Jeremy Loops ‘What Would I Know’
Carbon Films | Rob Smith
(Direction Craft)

Judges comments by Ryan McManus, Regional CCO at VMLY&R South Africa

Overall it was pretty tough to judge. It felt as if there were a lot of things that we have seen before and I hope we can keep pushing our craft and film making to be as diverse, interesting and unique as the talent that exists in SA. I hope 2020 brings bold & brave clients, agencies and production companies who tell amazing stories in our unique South African voice, that inspires not only each other, but awakens the next generation of creative storytellers.

Best of Reel: City of Cape Town ’16 Days of Activism’ by Jason Fialkov from Carbon Films – Direction Craft
I have to give this to Jason Fialkov for a beautifully directed set of 3 short ads. The performances that make these films are so subtle and nuanced, very well directed, and excellently and simply told. It’s the restraint that makes these films work, which I think can be one of the hardest things for a director to do, particularly when tackling a difficult subject. The kids are completely believable in their roles and the casting and performances are fantastic. The films feel like a moment from a feature film rather than a ‘commercial’, and it leaves the viewer with a powerful truth and importantly, an immediate behavior that can be changed. I like that they inspire action instead of just awareness. Congrats to Jason the team who put this together.

Special Mention: Google ‘Google Station’ by Kyla Philander from Bioscope Films – Direction Craft
Kyla Philander‘s film for Google is just really sweet and super authentic. It has a great real feeling to the treatment and the cast … and just feels like a nice honest, refreshing take on the power of connectivity… without trying to be overly emotional or manifesto-like and dramatic. Simple and well told and leaves you with a great feeling about the initiative.

Special Mention: Jeremy Loops ‘What Would I Know’ by Rob Smith from Carbon Films – Direction Craft
Rob Smiths film for Jeremy Loops is super original, somewhat strange but engaging piece. It’s one of those fun films that you want to watch and is a good bit of entertainment and an original angle, treatment and story.

About our Guest Judge

Under Ryan’s creative leadership, VMLY&R has experienced phenomenal growth, and climbed the creative rankings, including being named ‘Entertainment Agency of the Year’ at Cannes 2017, and Bookmarks Agency of the Year twice.
Ryan has been recognized numerous times at Cannes, D&AD, Loeries, One Show, ADC, Effies, NYF and more and brings a wealth of global experience and clear purpose into his work, having traveled and worked across some of the world’s top agencies. Before joining VMLY&R, Ryan co-founded, an NGO that won Best New Initiative from UNICEF. He also co-founded The Soon Institute, a company focused on prototyping futures within the communication industry. Ryan has been listed in Mail & Guardians top 200 South Africans, The Media Magazine’s Top 40 under 40, spoken at Cannes Lions, conferences and graduations and had the privilege of judging Cannes YDA, Loeries, Bookmarks, New York Festival, AdPrint and ADC. Ryan also sits on the Creative Circle EXCO of South Africa.

All Craft Entries

Bioscope Films | Hylton Tannenbaum
Road Accident Fund ‘Choices Impact Lives’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Ross Garrett
Jamesons ‘Tems & Aarbenco’
(Direction Craft)

Patriot Films | Aadil Dhalech
Kia Seltos ‘Happy’
(Direction Craft)

Picture Tree | Richard Truter
Dark and Lovely ‘Goodbye Breakage’
(Direction Craft)

Sketchbook Studios | Glen Biderman-Pam
Clorets ‘LOL’
(Direction Craft)

Sketchbook Studios | Glen Biderman-Pam
Clorets ‘BAE’s BFF’
(Direction Craft)

Sketchbook Studios | Ari Kruger
Klipdrift ‘SA vs International’
(Direction Craft)

Spitfire | JT
Dickies ‘Deeper Than’ (Summer Campaign)
(Direction Craft)

Spitfire | JT
Samson Clothing ‘Tough Streets, Tough Threads’
(Direction Craft)

Ludus Post Productions | Michael Naidoo (Online) & Jamie Taylor (Offline)
Datsun ‘Go’
(Offline Editing & Online Editing Craft)