‘They Did That’ July 2019. View South Africa’s New Work.

In a never-ending quest to keep you updated on all the impressive work that the industry is creating, we’ve created ‘They Did That’. Here we showcase all the latest work that agencies are most proud of and want to show off.

So how does it work?

Agencies submit the work to us and we’ll feature and credit all the iDidTht companies that contributed to making it Meryl-Streep-is-sad-she-wasnt-in-it-awesome.
If your company worked on something but you’re not signed up to iDidTht, sign up now to have your name added in bright lights so the whole world can see (South Africa is the world).

Bavaria ‘The Runner’ (Film)

Agency: Abnormal

Toyota ‘Start Your Impossible – Ntando’ (Film)

Agency: FCB Johannesburg
Film Production: 0307 Films
Post Production: Strangelove
Music & Sound: Audio Militia / Hey Papa Legend

DairyGivesYouGo ‘Aliens’ (Film)

Agency: FoxP2
Film Production: Plank Films
Post Production: Strangelove

Gun Safe Cities (Film)

Agency: Havas
Film Production: Massif Media

Red Bull ‘Cape Town Cruise | David Coulthard takes on a taxi through Cape Town’ (Film)

Agency: Iconic

Assupol ‘There Will be No Monuments Here’ (Film)

Agency: Joe Public United
Film Production: Darling Films

Corona X Parley ‘Street Surfers’ (Film)

Agency: King James Group JHB
Film Production: Eyeforce

Cipla ‘Wisdom of Life’ (Film)

Agency: McCann1886
Film Production: LifeDesign
Original Song (Judy Page Film): Howard Audio

Hunter’s Edge ‘Where Beer and Cider Meet’ (Film)

Agency: Net#work BBDO
Film Production: they
Post Production: Left Post Production (Offline) / Ludus Post Production (Online / Grade)
Music & Sound: Audio Militia

VW ‘Good for family. Good for business.’ (Film)

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Film Production: Patriot

MTN ‘Kid Commentator’ (Film)

Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Film Production: Patriot
Post Production: Deliverance Post

Mzansi Magic ‘Iskhat’ seMzansi’ (Film)

Agency: Think Creative Africa
Film Production: The Star Films Company
Post Production: Post Modern

Zeitz MOCAA Insta Map: Using Social Media as Art Guide (Online & Social Media)

#HopeJoanna (Design)

Agency: Grid Worldwide
Music & Sound: RobRoy Music

Chaos Theory Rebrand (Design)

Agency: Murmur

Inrange (Design)


Sealand Gear ‘The Sustainable Invite’ (Design)

Castle ‘Fabric of the Nation’ (Design)

Agency: Sunshinegun

Cancer Dojo ‘Mandala Project’ (Design)

King Price Playing Cards (Design)

Agency: Xfacta

Chicken Licken ‘Soul Sisters; Spotify Songs’ (Audio)

Agency: Joe Public Connect
Music & Sound: Howard Audio