Project Description

When facing cancer, most patients are rendered helpless, at the mercy of the many debilitating treatments, and unable to play a role in their own healing. But the Cancer Dojo is changing this. They are an organisation pioneering the use of creative visual methodology that embraces Psychoneuroimmunology – the science behind how our minds affect how our bodies behave.

Harnessing the Cancer Dojo mobile app’s proactive and mindful patient ideology, we created an interactive series of posters for patients that for the first time enabled them to interact positively with parts of their body affected by cancer. Merging the ancient Buddhist practice of Sand Mandalas and the science of Psychoneuroimmunology – each poster is designed to enable patients to interact with something that was until now, invisible to them. Letting them play a role in their own healing.

The posters are presented to oncology nurses and hospitals in a unique pack, complete with a custom colouring kit and individual messages, designed to start the visualisation process right from the opening, and at every step of the experience.
The mandalas’ intricate designs allow patients to fully immerse their minds and bodies into their own healing, together with the medicine, to augment its efficacy to build resiliency and strengthen their own immune system over time.

The Mandala packs are delivered to patients across South Africa, and available for purchase.
Helping people everywhere take on the world’s deadliest disease, and become harder to kill.