Project Description

Solitary Bees are essential for populating 1/3 of the world’s food crops, however most people don’t know they exist. Unlike the more well-known Honeybee, they don’t live in hives, they live in holes found in nature, but due to human interference, their nesting grounds are fast disappearing. At Inverroche, a premium gin with sustainability at its core, we appreciate that these bees pollinate our gin’s key ingredient Fynbos, without them we, and everyone else would cease to exist. We knew we couldn’t stop the urban sprawl, but we could help alleviate some of its harmful effects. The answer lay in bee hotels. Bee hotels were developed to mimic Solitary Bee’s natural nesting grounds, and we found an innovative way to incorporate them into our packaging. Introducing the Inverroche Bee&Bee. Packaging that houses both our gin, and once reassembled and hung outdoors Solitary Bees too. Enabling consumers to provide Solitary Bees with safe new homes in theirs. With Spring being the predominant nesting time for Solitary Bees, and the craft and care needed for each box, the Bee&Bee was only available to a lucky few for a limited time. That’s until spring comes around next year. In our first production run, we had provided accommodation for 672,000 very appreciative little occupants. And we expect a further few million more in phases two and three.


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