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Post Modern is a post production facility located in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have an award winning team, and an outstanding showreel to prove it.


Owners / Editors: William Kalmer & Marcelle Mouton

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Post Modern is a post-production facility based in Dunkeld-West, Johannesburg. We offer all the post-production services required by a fast-moving and budget-conscious film industry. We support our clients through every step of the post-production process, offering offline editing, colour grading in Da Vinci Resolve and online finish in Autodesk Smoke. Post Modern has 3 offline editors with extensive experience in editing commercials, music videos, online content, feature films and documentaries.

‘The Hangman’ Short Film

– Zanzibar International Film Festival; Best Short Film
– Durban International Film Festival; Best South African Short Film
– Discover Film Festival; Best in Fest & Best International Drama
– Best of International Short Films Festival; Silver Main Jury Award, Best Young Jury Award
– Afrika Film Festival; The Silvern Yamfa Award
– Shnit International Film Festival; Best Short Film
– Jozi Film Festival; Best Short Fiction Film
– Eko International Film Festival; Best Short Film
– LA Short Film Fest; Best Foreign Film

Editor: William Kalmer
Director: Zwelethu Radebe

SAB 18+ ‘Vuka’ Short Film

– Creative Circle 3rd Place winner in the December 2018 Film category.

Editor: William Kalmer
Director: Zwelethu Radebe

 Frank Casino & Nadia Nakai ‘Money Calling’ Music Video

– Special Mention: Direction Craft on iDidTht – June 2018

Editor: William Kalmer
Director: Lebogang Rasethaba 

BMW ‘X2 Ungovernable’

– Source Creative Select Of The Day – 1 May 2018
– Ad Forum Best Auto Ads Of The Month – May 2018

Editor: Jade Bowyer
Director: Kyle Lewis

Nike Air Vapormax ‘Shana Powers’, ‘Doo Wop’ & ‘The Pack’

– Special Mention: Direction Craft on iDidTht – August 2017

Editor: William Kalmer
Director: Lebogang Rasethaba

Ford ‘Independent State Of Nandi’ Short Film

– Special Mention: Direction Craft on iDidTht – August 2018

Editor: William Kalmer
Director: Zwelethu Radebe

JET ‘Think Outside The Cot’ TVC

– Silver Apex Award Winner – July 2018

Editor: Marcelle Mouton
Director: Marc Sidelsky


Leanne Schalekamp | Producer
tel: +27(0)10 475 0190/1

259 Jan Smuts Avenue
Dunkeld West

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Post Modern | Marcelle Mouton
Shelflife ‘MMW Zoom 4’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Thibedi Meso, ECD & Partner at Brave Group
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Trevor Clarence, Director at Your Girlfriend
February 2021

Thibedi’s comment: ‘This ad sold me on these shoes in the first minute. And when they started unselling the shoes I wanted to give them all my money. It’s brilliantly done. Its steady pace and the contemplative inner voice of the main character give it a daydream feeling that makes it very enjoyable to watch.’

Trevor’s comment: ‘This is such a beautifully constructed spot and it really comes together in the way it was edited. So often longer ads can become indulgent without the discipline of 30 seconds. But this edit has a beautiful momentum that never wastes a moment. The tone and pace and flow with the music, the timing and performance selection, all great choices.’

Post Modern | William Kalmer (Editing Craft)
Vicks ‘Where Joy Lives’ #TouchOfCare
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Ricky Boyd, Film Editor at Deliverance Post
March 2020

Judge’s comment: “A close contender for Best in Craft as all aspects were of such a high standard. It loses its way a bit in the middle, a trap we perhaps fall into when duration is not an issue and we become a tad indulgent. However, the performance, cinematography and edit work hand in hand to deliver on this emotional story. The music is handled well around the narration and while perhaps a little expected, still lends well to the mood. Congratulations to all on the hard work apparent in this piece.”

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