Project Description

North’s task was to match Inrange’s innovative, radar-based, golf-improvement software with a Brand System that would highlight the various features and functions of the application in a simple, digital language that could live beyond the confines of a screen. Inrange uses driving range-based radar technology to track your golf swing and relays the trajectory and distance of the ball to your mobile device, enabling you to constantly analyse and improve your game at the range. We created a flexible design system that reflects your game. When this system is spread out and ‘out of focus’, the language formed is a variety of bold, slightly abstract shapes. Once these shapes get together and create focus — when they come into range — they form the letters of the wordmark. This allows the distinctive shapes forming the wordmark to become the basis of an ever changeable system. There is a distinctive motion to the letter shapes that also relates to golf shots in this instance but the dynamism can be carried into any number of sports. These, in turn, defined the design direction by creating fluid arcs to suggest movement when used in conjunction with photography and also create the idea of motion across other applications.