Project Description

Digital Youth ICT Academy (DYICTA); An academy established by a consortium of leading ICT companies spearheaded by T-Systems South African. Since inception, in 2003, the Academy has produced more than 3000 internationally certified ICT graduates; has enjoyed a 95% pass rate and seen a more than 85% employment rate in field ranging from Coding, Software Engineering to Data science. To design a logo for DYICTA, we drew inspiration from the academy’s philosophy of learning. And developed a visual language that demonstrates and highlights the academy’s ICT capacity in a way that breaks category conventions. We took the 0 simplified into a geometric shape, extruded it to form the 1 and step repeated to into a binary system which translates as ‘DYICTA’monogram. On second glance, pupils organized in a learning environment, highlighting the philosophy of learning through collaboration, curiosity and applied digital field of studies. We expanded the geometric visual language, forming rhythmic motifs borrowed from traditional step and repeat letima patterns found in most Southern African tribes and the oldest calculating device found. Just like traditional African motifs, our logo became functional digital language. A unique brand asset setting us apart from conventional academic branding of using crests and traditional monograms. A logo that inspires our community to learn through curiousity and embrace technology.


Agency: FCB Africa (Cape Town)

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