Best in Film Craft awarded to Nick Gishen & Michael Naidoo from Ludus Post Productions for Editing

Every month teams up with an industry leader to award South Africa’s best in Film Craft. Even though July’s judge doesn’t need to look at his own awards (and there are plenty) to validate his success (which is huge), we’re practically giddy when he agrees to judge ours. Thank you to the wonderful Ahmed Tilly.


BEST IN FILM CRAFT: Brand South Africa ‘One Africa One People’
Ludus Post Productions | Nick Gishen (Offline Editing Craft) & Michael Naidoo (Online Editing Craft)


CRAFT SPECIAL MENTION: Yoco ‘Just Start – Brand Film’
Bioscope Films | Zipho Dlangamandla (Direction Craft)
Thomas Revington (Cinematography Craft) / Yanick Bathfield & Vicente Espi (Original Music Craft)
*Please note this spot was entered for Cinematography & Original Music by Bioscope Films on behalf of the above-mentioned people.

CRAFT SPECIAL MENTION: ER24 ‘Save The Number Campaign’
Giant Films | Peri Vp & Thati Peele
(Direction Craft)

CRAFT SPECIAL MENTION: Joburg Ballet X Superbalist ‘Rehearsals for UNBOUND’
Darling Films | Ross Garrett
(Direction Craft)

Judges comments by Ahmed Tilly, CCO of FCB Joburg

Best of Reel: Brand South Africa ‘One Africa One People’ by Nick Gishen (Offline Edit) & Michael Naidoo (Online Edit) from Ludus Post Productions – Online and Offline Editing Craft
My Best of Reel goes to the team at Ludus; Nick Gishen (Offline), Michael Naidoo (Online) for the fantastic job they did with Brand South Africa’s ‘One Africa One People’. Their editing skills kept me attached to the lead character throughout a frenetic race to safety. The shots were selected perfectly and timed beautifully. The piece was so magically crafted that I was transported into the terrifying mind and heart of the lead character. Powerful stuff!

Special Mention: Yoco ‘Just Start – Brand Film’ by Zipho Dlangamandla from Bioscope Films (Direction Craft), Thomas Revington (Cinematography Craft), and Yanick Bathfield & Vicente Espi (Original Music Craft)
Bioscope’s director Zipho Dlangamandla needs special recognition for directing what appears to be quite a complex board for Yoco with great skill. He managed to capture a brand film that is fresh and energetic. I love how this director covered everything from performances to music with great consideration. Props to his cinematographer Thomas Revington for capturing the vision so well.

Special Mention: ER24 ‘Save The Number Campaign’ by Peri Vp & Thati Peele from Giant Films – Direction Craft 
I need to single-out a campaign of peculiar little spots for ER24 directed by Peri VP and Thati Peele out of Giant Films. What I love about the “Save The Number” campaign is the restraint the directors needed to exercise in keeping the little films’ integrity intact. They directed the performances beautifully, kept it simple, authentic and managed to do this in a mobile format. Proof that you don’t always need gigantic budgets to create big performances. Very entertaining stuff!

Special Mention: Joburg Ballet X Superbalist ‘Rehearsals for UNBOUND’ by Ross Garrett from Darling Films  – Direction Craft
A special mention for direction to Ross Garrett for “Joburg Ballet X Superbalist”. It’s not easy to capture the power of dance. Ross did it as artfully as the dancers captured the emotion of the subject matter. Great camera movement, simple and clean location, uncluttered yet so powerful. Well done Ross. These were beautiful to watch.

About our Guest Judge

As a copywriter, Ahmed worked at several agencies. In 2005 he co-founded Black River FC, the little advertising agency that created some of the country’s most provocative, most memorable, most South African work for brands like Virgin Money, Nando’s, MINI, 1st for Women Insurance, VUZU AMP and Channel O. He has been voted a Top 10 Creative Director, for 5 consecutive years by his peers and in 2016 he was recognized as “The Most Admired Creative Boss” in SA.

Tilly has judged local and international award shows, including The Loeries, Cannes Lions and the New York Festival. He was appointed as an Exco member of the Creative Circle from 2012 – 2018 and sat on the board of the ACA in 2016. As far as awards go, Ahmed recently was on the credits for the “Best Foreign Film” award at One Screen. He thinks he’s won at all the major award shows but he’s not sure. He has never kept a record of the awards he’s won because he’s never looked to statues as a validation of success. Instead, he has focused his energies on trying to create work that is loved and spoken about by the people. His other great passion is the continued strife for the transformation of a previously male, white-dominated industry into a more diverse and representative one. Aluta Continua!

All Craft Entries

Bomb Commercials | Stephina Zwane
Playgirl Playboy Deo ‘New York’
(Direction Craft)

Bomb Commercials | Justice Mukheli
Nescafe Gold ‘Casper’
(Direction Craft)

Bomb Commercials | Justice Mukheli
African Bank ‘Savings & Investment’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Zee Ntuli
Carling Black Label ‘Change The Game’
(Direction Craft)

Darling Films | Slim
Nando’s ‘Boujee Bowl’
(Direction Craft)

FirstPencil | Justine Puren-Claverley
First for Women ‘But Nothing’
(Direction Craft)

Giant Films | Peri VP
Mutzig ‘Class Oui’
(Direction Craft)

Giant Films | Ian Gabriel
Vodacom ‘Connecting for Good’
(Direction Craft)

Let it Rain Films | Lee Doig
Serengeti Lite ‘New Kid in Town’
(Direction Craft)

Motion City Films | Helen + Kim
Mr D. Food ‘Home Cooking’
(Direction Craft)

Motion City Films | Helen Raine
Mr D. Food ‘Working Late’
(Direction Craft)

Motion City Films | Helen Raine
Cape Union Mart ‘Father’s Day 2019’
(Direction Craft)

Patriot Films | Anton Visser
MTN ‘The Commentator’
(Direction Craft)

Picture Tree | Bevan Cullinan
Oneplan Insurance ‘What’s the Plan?’
(Direction Craft)

Picture Tree | Richard Truter
Sunlight ‘Fragrance Your Life’
(Direction Craft)

Spitfire | AK
Cadbury ‘Paper Planes’
(Direction Craft)

The Star Films Company | Markstry
Go Tv ‘Go for Football’
(Direction Craft)

The Star Films Company | Tebza Malope
National Lotto ‘Phanda Pusha Play’
(Direction Craft)

The Rudeboy Collective | Rob Malpage
Woolworths ‘Join Our Table’
(Direction Craft)

Ludus Post Productions | Mark Ash (Offline), Michele Wilson (Grade), Michael Naidoo (Online)
Stella Artois ‘Father’s Day’
(Offline Editing, Online Editing & Grade Craft)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
Chicken Licken ‘Swimming Pool’
(Original Music and Final Mix Craft)