They Did That August 2018: South Africa’s New Work

In a never-ending quest to keep you updated on all the impressive work that the industry is creating, we’ve decided to release ‘They Did That’. Here we showcase all the new work (not more that 3 months old) that agencies want to show off.

So how does it work?

Agencies submit the work to us and we’ll feature and credit all the iDidTht companies that contributed to making it Meryl-Streep-is-sad-she-wasnt-in-it-awesome.
If your company worked on something but you’re not signed up to iDidTht, sign up now to have your name added in bright lights so the whole world can see (South Africa is the world).

Nando’s ‘#rightmyname’ (Campaign)

Toyota ‘Rush’ (Film)

Agency: FCB Joburg
Film Production Company: Figment Films
Editing Company: Left Post Productions
Audio Facility: Audio Militia

Sanlam ‘Born Today’ (Film)

Mercedes-Benz ‘Return to Chapman’s Peak’ (Film)

Agency: Net#work BBDO
Film Production Company: 7 Films
Post Production: Upstairs Ludus
Music & Sound: Audio Militia

Castle Lager ‘More than That’ (Film)

Agency: Ogilvy Joburg
Film Production Company: 0307
Music: Pulse Music

MTN ‘#AnswerTheCall Series’ (Film)

Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Film Production Company: Darling Films
Post Production: Left Post Productions

Steers ‘Food Baby’ (Film)

Agency: 1886
Film Production Company: Team Best

National Geographic Kids ‘Life Beyond the Logo’ (Print)

Agency: FoxP2

Readers’ Warehouse ‘One Book Leads To Another’ (Print)

Agency: Grey Africa

ULTX Events (Print)

Agency: North VCA

Castle Milk Stout ‘Clan Cans’ (Design)

OMO ‘The OMO Book of Dirt’ (Design)

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Music and Sound: Sonar Studios

Martell VSSD ‘Curious Minds’ (Direct)

American Swiss ‘Drop The Hint’ (Digital & Online)