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At Grey, we continue to break new ground in brand experience across every platform to create lasting consumer connections and ultimately live up to our slogan; “Famously effective since 1917”, by delivering business results with creative solutions.


CEO: Paul Jackson
ECD: Fran Luckin

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Grey lives by the mantra “Famously Effective”, which means we apply creativity through ideas that leverage culture and drive consumer behaviour for positive brand and business performance. Creativity needs problems to solve. With this in mind, we work hard to truly understand our client’s business challenges. The better the business problem is understood, the better the creative solution we’re able to provide. This means a heavy reliance on data for insights and understanding and upfront strategic thought to frame the problem and provide the strategic direction for the creative teams.

If you’re looking for your brand to be both famous and effective, please get in touch.

  • Grey won gold at the Cannes 2017 for its radio campaign – Duracell Duralock technology: guaranteeing a 10 year shelf life. The radio campaign has also been chosen as a winner at this year’s WPPed Cream awards. The WPPED Cream Awards are judged by some of the top Creative Directors in the WPP network. They look at work submitted all around the world, across all marketing disciplines. The winners of the WPPed Cream Awards are, therefore, the best work produced across all the agencies in the WPP network in a given year!
  • Grey Advertising’s ad for Consol Glass called “The Best Things Come in Glass” TVC won best-liked AD for 2017.
  • Grey Africa ranked 5th amongst mid-sized agencies in Middle East and Africa and we ranked 13th overall in South Africa


17 Muswell Road South
Block A Wedgefield Office Park

+27 11 706 3060

Marketing Director: Allan Tennant
+27 83 327 2895

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