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Pulse Music offers original and licensed music for television and film, as well as sound design, music supervision ,sonic branding, and record production.

Cape Town, Johannesburg & New York

Executive Music Producer: Marc Algranti

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Pulse Music was founded in 2004. As an artist-owned music production house with offices in NYC and South Africa, they are focused on creating vibrant, compelling, original music for the advertising, film and video game industries. Their team of in-house & on-call composers are artists in their own right, who bring a diversity of musical training to every project. Through their relationships with independent record producers and recording artists, they ensure that all projects remain on the cutting edge of trends in the music industry.

Pulse has composed music for agencies in the U.S. and South Africa including Droga5, Ogilvy, BBDO, Grey, JWT, Foxp2, Joe Public, DDB, FCB, Y&R, Havas and Publicis, and brands including IBM, Google, AT&T, M&M’s, Coke, KFC, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Numerous projects have won awards from Cannes Lions to Sundance film festival. 

Pulse Music

Executive Producer: Marc Algranti


Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Pulse Music | Marc Algranti
MTN ‘Mathata Towers’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Sibusiso Sitole, CCO and co-founder of The Odd Number
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Evy Katz, Editor at Left Post Production
June 2020

Sibusiso’s comment: “Negotiating the rights, getting the licensing and clearances to such a classic song and at an affordable rate couldn’t have been easy. Well done Marc!’

Evy’s comment: “This ad has been in competition before but it wouldn’t be nearly as memorable without the lovely track, which is why I think Marc deserves a shoutout for successfully negotiating the deal that made it happen at a budget-friendly rate.”

Pulse Music | Marc Algranti
Johhnie Walker ‘Trevor Noah’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Kabelo Moshapalo, ECD at TBWA Hunt Lascaris
February 2020

Judge’s comment: “This spot is all about progress and having won previously for the crafted direction in creating the sense of fluid movement, the visuals and story wouldn’t be as impactful, apparitional and more importantly complete without a distinct music approach. It is immersive and gives the spot stature that keeps the fast-paced edit and storytelling energy on the beat.”

Pulse Music | Marc Algranti
Carling Black Label ‘No Excuse’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jenny Glover, ECD at TBWA\Hunt Lascaris
November 2017

Judges Comment: “In terms of craft, one piece stood head and shoulders above the rest. The ‘No Excuse’ spot for Carling Black Label is flawlessly executed across every craft category. Kim Geldenhuys’ direction is considered but not laboured, Gordon Midgely has stitched together the edit to create a really compelling narrative and the music, supervised by Marc Algranti is amazeballs. Yes, I said amazeballs.  It’s also worth mentioning that the audio mix is very well handled. It’s no small thing to balance live sound, dialogue and a vocal music track. This piece really demonstrates how interconnected film craft is and why it’s so important to get every aspect right.

Pulse Music
NSRI ‘People Love the People’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Roanna Williams, Executive Creative Director at Joe Public
September 2017

Judges Comment: “I chose to go for a soundtrack for my Best of Reel. Why? Because it moved me. (Yeah, I’m a bit of a softie.) It had me on the lyrics “People help the people. And nothing will drag you down” and Birdy’s version of this song, just takes it to a different level. It’s the perfect song choice for a piece of film that pays tribute to the selfless, brave, unsung heroes who give up their lives to save lives every day. Nice one Marc Algranti!”

Pulse Music
Virgin Insurance ‘I Love Insurance’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Graeme Jenner, Executive Creative Director at King James II
October 2016

Judges Comment: “You know whats my worst? Crowd participation. Like in live shows when they point into the crowd and ask you to come up on stage and get involved. That’s partly the reason that I don’t like theatre in general. I went to Grahamstown once and it really wasn’t for me. My mate fell in a ditch and someone stole his Air Max’s off his feet. Who does that? Also, I was late for a performance (cos I had to piggy back my mate whose foot was buggered from falling in the ditch and then walking home lank far with no shoes on) and we had to sit in the front row and then the lights went down and a naked white dude ran on stage with a buck skull over his face and shouted “AFFFRRRIIICCCCAAAAA” and then splashed blood all over his penis. Fuck sakes man. Then I got straight back up and had to piggy back my mate out again. So yeah, I don’t really like theatre at all, including musicals. But I don’t mind this ad. In fact, I had to watch it to the end more than once because it was in a few categories and I was totally happy to do that. So yeah, that’s a good thing. Nice one.”

Pulse Music
VW ‘On The Road’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Nkanyezi Masango, Creative Director at Y&R South Africa
June 2016

Judges Comment: “I’m a sucker for great stories and this one is beautifully told. Every aspect of the production is flawless – so much that the craft itself never feels indulgent. I was fully immersed in the chemistry between the boy and girl that I forgot everything else. But the real master stroke for me is the music. It adds another character to the story and makes the film even more magical. Salute to Marc Algranti and Kim Geldenhuys.”

Pulse Music
Coronation ‘If Your Money Came Easy’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Pepe Marais, Chief Creative Officer at Joe Public
May 2016

Judges Comment: “My Best Of Reel goes to Tristan Holmes from Star Films for his Direction on the Coronation commercial. And also to The Upstairs Ludus for their remote grade facilitation, VFX and Compositing as well as to Marc Algranti from Pulse Music for the Music. This is a disruptive take on investment. It’s highly insightful and deserves to be recognized, no matter the controversy. It’s the kind of work I absolutely love and have all the aspects of world class commercial making. Nice.”

Pulse Music
Castle Lager ‘Boys Reunion Africa’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jonathan Lang, Executive Creative Director at JWT Cape Town
November 2015

Pulse Music
KFC ‘Add Hope’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jake Bester, Executive Creative Director at Publicis Machine
October 2015

Judges Comment: “For me, this could have been the winner this month, but I feel the treatment let it down slightly. I really liked the idea of naïve drawings on paper to tell a child’s story in a relevant way, but I felt maybe they could have been slightly more slick and as a result they let down the overall production value of this piece.

Pulse Music
Richelieu ‘The Chase’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Brad Reilly, Executive Creative Director at Net#work BBDO
August 2015

Judges Comment: “This spot feels like a proper romp in 90 secs. Sure, it’s one of ’those’ ads – debonaire guy after beautiful girl, but the music helps keep it on the side of romp and not pomp. It narrates the emotion of the story perfectly for us via a punchy score that takes on the task of multi-score. It really is a key player in the storytelling of the piece and it deserves a special mention.”

Pulse Music
Prudential ‘Fisherman’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Rui Alves, Executive Creative Director at Y&R JHB
April 2015

Judges Comment: “The music amplifies the exotic mood of the setting and the minimal sound design is just enough.

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