Team Best

The Best. Est. 2008.


Directors: Bryan van Niekerk & Asher Stoltz / Glen Biderman-Pam
Executive Producer: Eduan van Jaarsveldt

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Ten years ago, actor/writer/directors Bryan van Niekerk and Asher Stoltz decided to take on the commercial production industry. So they put a hundred bucks into a business account and drafted a code of conduct, which went something like this:

  1. Friends and family come first. 
  2. Take lots of holidays. 
  3. Make work we can be proud of.
  4. Be lekker.

Jump to present day and Team Best has grown into one of the most prolific per-director commercial production houses in the country while mostly adhering to the above. SA’s original ad directing duo, Ash and Bryan, are performance and comedy specialists and were pioneers of SA’s foray into the digital content space with some of SA’s most memorable and effective campaigns on their reel. Modelling their approach on director work-wives Tim and Eric and the Cohen brothers, Ash and Bryan believe in a hands-on, collaborative approach to tackling boards. (Incidentally, just like Tim and Eric, they could both lose a few kilos… and they’re exactly half as Jewish as the Cohen Brothers). They’ve worked in television, short format, digital content, commercials, features and even theatre and draw on their experience in front of the camera and in the writing room, to craft stories and memorable performances. With the incomparable all-round experience of producer Eduan van Jaarsveldt at the helm, the team focuses on creative problem solving, flexibility in terms of time and budgetary constraints and just being normal human beings.

Team Best has made ads for every sector of the industry from telecoms and financial services, to automotive and fast food. They’ve shot cars, kids, animals and tabletop, drawing on the skills of some of SA’s premium crew to create high-end productions for some of our country’s top brands. In 2015, comedian Glen Biderman-Pam joined the team as a digital content specialist and has been getting lank ‘likes’ for his sharp wit, comic timing and keen understanding of the medium. Glen’s ability to think on his feet, craft comedic writing and pull nuanced performances out of his cast shows in his stories and is proving a perfect match for both digital and traditional platforms.

PS. Their overheads are lank low so they can make budgets work harder while making lekker work.
PPS. They have a world record.

  • Loeries 2011 – Neotel ‘Neo One’
  • Loeries 2012 – Destiny Man ‘Don’t Be That Guy’
  • Pendorings 2012 – Destiny Man ‘Don’t Be That Guy’
  • Ranked 8th at Loeries 2012
  • Loeries 2013 – KFC ‘Face Yoga’
  • Guinness Book Of Records 2013: The Fastest Film Ever Made ‘Shotgun Garfunkel’
  • Jozi Film Festival 2014: Best Feature Film ‘Shotgun Garfunkel’

We are most proud of the numerous campaigns on which we’ve worked that have been directly linked to an increase in sales and market share. Because that’s why we’re actually all here right? RIGHT?

201 Greenside Quarter
10 Gleneagles Road

Eduan van Jaarsveldt | Producer
+27 82 502 9261

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