Best in Craft awarded to Saki Bergh from Left Post Production

This month’s Craft Awards were judged by two industry heavy-hitters, the honourable Suhana Gordhan, Executive Creative Director at Duke Group and Karien Cherry, Director at Giant Films. We bow down in your presence! Big congratulations to editing-maestro Saki Bergh from Left Post for taking Best in Craft for January!

‘What are the Craft Awards?’ Every month we team up with ad industry leaders to award the finest in South African film and production craft across these different categories: Direction, Editing, Cinematography, Animation and VFX, Online, Original Sound, Sound Design and Final Mix. It’s just another way that we make it ridiculously easy to stay up-to-date with who’s doing the best work in the country. 

Uber Eats ‘Uber Eats Awards’
Left Post | Saki Bergh

Awarded by Suhana Gordhan & Karien Cherry

‘The Uber Eats work is a perfect example of the way craft becomes crucial in bringing an idea to life. The editing on this piece was impeccable. While the idea of dubbing is not new, the timing, footage research and editing choices were spot on, making the work hellava fun, humorous and rewatchable.’
– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Suhana Gordhan, Executive Creative Director at Duke Group, Cape Town

‘I’ll admit to being jealous when I saw this campaign! It was little consolation to find out there was no director on this (only brilliant copywriters who are coming for my job..!) – which only makes the Best in Craft for Saki’s editing role even more deserved. Anyone who has ever attempted any kind of stock footage job knows the nightmarish, jigsaw-like process they would have had to embrace – so to end up with something that makes me laugh out loud is a testament to their craft. Well done.’
– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Karien Cherry, Director at Giant Films

KIA ‘Tsamaya’
The Star Film Company | Matshepo Maja

Awarded by Suhana Gordhan

‘It’s not easy creating a montage-style, manifesto-type ad, while maintaining authenticity and a sense of ease. This tribute to the road trip and family feels good. There’s a unique understanding of our very South Africanness in these contexts, and the performances are not overdone. The choice of track is sheer joy and helps tie everything together in a gentle, effortless way.’
– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Suhana Gordhan, Executive Creative Director at Duke Group, Cape Town

Adidas ‘World Cup: Mexico, Argentina, Japan & Germany’ (Campaign)
Dare Content Studio | Jarred Figgins

Awarded by Karien Cherry

‘Some very interesting and brave directorial choices being made in these spots by the director. The slightly surreal tone, lush art direction, and Ox’s performance gets this a special mention. Looking forward to seeing more unique work from this director…’
– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Karien Cherry, Director at Giant Films


Suhana Gordhan, Executive Creative Director at Duke Group, Cape Town.
Suhana represents Africa and South Africa on the One Club International board and is 7th on the Loeries 2022 list of top-ranking Executive Creative Directors in South Africa. Prior to becoming the ECD at Duke Group, Suhana spent 5 memorable years at FCB Johannesburg, where she was creative lead on Coca-Cola and USAID. She is passionate about the art of copywriting and loves parenting an idea well enough so that nobody molests it along its journey from birth to maturity. She believes that the best agency-client relationships are more marriage and less bondage. Gordhan is a Hindu, who learned very quickly that there are no sacred cows in advertising. One of her favourite moments was during her time as Creative Director on Nando’s, when she pissed off a dictator and won a Loerie Grand Prix because of it. Some of her other accolades include a Black Eagle, multiple awards at the Loeries, Creative Circle Ad of the Year, Pendorings, The Bookmarks, Cannes Lions, a graphite D&AD pencil and 2 Merit awards, and Best of Show in radio at The One Show Awards. One of her career highlights was being selected by FCB Global as one of two Creative Directors to attend a surfing and leadership program in Nicaragua in 2016. In 2017, she was named one of Destiny Magazine’s Power of 40 Candidates. In the 2019 Loeries’ Creative Rankings, she was ranked top 15th Creative Director in the country. Gordhan’s work for Coca-Cola featured in Contagious Magazine as one of three campaigns in The World’s Best Strategies. She was baptized as a One Show Juror in 2017 on the Direct Panel. In addition, she has served at Cannes in the Direct Category as well as on Print and Out of Home at The Clios. Gordhan has a strong commitment to the South African industry and was thus nominated to join both The Loeries Board and The Creative Circle Exco. She is the former Chairperson, or as she was fondly nicknamed, ‘The Chair Aunty’ of The Loeries. Gordhan also runs an initiative called Open Chair with Co-Founder, Simoné Bosman. Open Chair creates the space for young women in advertising to have face time with senior female leadership. During Lockdown in 2020, she was invited to be part of a Technical Working Group of the South African Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19. When not making ads, she enjoys people watching, hiking in the mountains and training Capoeira – a 400-year-old Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts (often mistaken by her colleagues to be an innocuous dance form).

Karien Cherry, Director at Giant Films
Ranked as the Number 1 director in the African & Middle Eastern region – awarded by the 2020 Loeries – Karien’s work has seen both viral fame and international recognition. Her career kicked off with a Cannes YDA shortlist and her award winning work has since won Gold at Ciclope and been shortlisted for “Advertising Excellence” at the AICP awards – the only non US campaign to receive this honour. In 2021 she became the first female to direct for Heineken.

This year, Karien served on the D&AD Direction Jury for the second consecutive year and continues to be one of South Africa’s most prolific directors. Her work spans both international and local brands including Heineken, KFC, Google, New Balance, and Chicken Licken. She is sought after by creatives for her effortless collaboration, her knack for comedy and performance, and her keen sensibility to adapt the tone of her work to serve the script.

All Craft Entries

7 Films | Lourens van Rensburg
Lexus ‘Lexus LX’
(Direction Craft)

7 Films | Lourens Van Rensburg & Gorgeous Bushman
Frida Water
(Direction Craft)

Arcade | Alexa Wilson
Debonairs ‘On The Double’
(Direction Craft)

Bioscope Films | Fausto Becatti
Asahi ‘Beyond Expected’
(Direction Craft)

Carbon Films | Mzonke Maloney
Coca Cola ‘Recipe for Magic’
(Direction Craft)

Mannequin Films | Que Ntuli
(Direction Craft)

The Star Film Company | Cindy Lee
Discovery Health ‘Lindi’
(Direction Craft)

The Star Film Company | Markstry
SA20 ‘Happy’
(Direction Craft)

Together Films | Malo 8
Old Mutual SA ‘Sustainability – Letsatsi’
(Direction Craft)

Together Films | Malo 8
Old Mutual SA ‘Education – Canaan College’
(Direction Craft)

Together Films | Malo 8
Old Mutual SA ‘Sustainability – Phakamani’
(Direction Craft)

Your Girlfriend | Morgan Dingle
Mr D ‘Trolley On (Campaign)’
(Direction Craft)