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Dare is a radically transparent production company that values the freedom of creativity. We believe the world of content has evolved. Dare’s existence is by virtue of evolution.

Johannesburg & Cape Town

Creative Producer: Chris Coetsee
Junior Producer: Tristan McCarthy

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At Dare, we believe that the world of content has evolved and thus the way we create content needs to evolve too. To thrive, we believe that production companies need to redefine their purpose and the value that they add. Dare is a philosophy, an approach to creation that is built on the concepts of radical collaboration and radical transparency.

Creatively, our goal is to institutionalise collaboration – in other words, we don’t believe in creative exclusivity, but rather value the freedom of creativity. Our community of creators want to create the best work in the best way and we should all be able to work with whoever we want, whenever we want.

On a production level our main objective is to create a culture of trust in our industry. We believe that transparency defines culture. Dare’s radically transparent production model enables direct & honest communication; it eliminates suspicions and anxieties and it builds stronger relationships between agencies, creators and producers. By being more transparent, we empower and educate ourselves and our clients to make more informed decisions and build better relationships. After all, when dealing with humans, business is always personal.

How do we work? Send us your brief and we will unpack it to identify exactly what is needed. Our creative producers will assemble a specialist team from Dare’s curated network of creators. Once the project kicks off, we’ll share a live link to the project’s working budget. The client/agency has direct access to the budget in real time and will easily be able to track true cost and total savings of each line item – including links to invoices and slips. Along with our clients and creators we can review the budget to effectively redistribute resources and increase overall production value. We believe this makes the process more collaborative, manages expectations and builds stronger human relationships.

Dare’s philosophy and business model has been developed to establish a way of doing business that allows creativity to thrive. Our ideas and concepts are not new, but the value that they unlock can bring many new opportunit

  • Lelive – ‘Dear Africa’ : Craft mention for direction by Talya Galasko in April 2021.
  • Hope Guardians – ‘Voicenote’ : Best in Craft for direction by Talya Galasko in June 2021.
  • Hope Guardians – ‘Voicenote’ : Vimeo Staff Pick in June 2021
  • Adidas Originals – ‘Soft Street Style’ – Winner of Craft in Photography at the Dutch Creativity Awards in Sep 2022.

Unit 4C
Graphic Centre
5 Buiten Street
Cape Town

Executive Producer: Chris Coetsee
083 790 8475

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

Dare Content Studio | Jarred Figgins
Adidas ‘World Cup: Mexico, Argentina, Japan & Germany’ (Campaign)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Karien Cherry, Director at Giant Films
January 2021

Suhana’s comment: ‘Some very interesting and brave directorial choices being made in these spots by the director. The slightly surreal tone, lush art direction, and Ox’s performance gets this a special mention. Looking forward to seeing more unique work from this director…’

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