The Rudeboy Collective adds new energy with Batandwa Alperstein

Sharing an ethos of working with honesty and integrity to produce creative excellence, The Rudeboy Collective welcomes director Batandwa Alperstein to the roster. With their powers combined, Batandwa and Rudeboy plan to build on his heart-centered approach to making advertising.

‘Rudeboy has a reputation of excellence and passion, it’s invigorating for me to have the backing of the OG’s in the advertising and film production industry. It feels like there’s a real alignment in our values, and in the kind of work we want to create. Alignment means everything is multiplied exponentially, and I’m looking forward to this new phase of growth.’ Says Batandwa.

‘The fact that Batandwa is so multifaceted in his creativity, and his unique approach to storytelling has always stood out to me. He has such a rare mix of talents, and it makes for an exciting future when you put that type of talent on the right platform. We’re looking forward to growing together.’ Adds Rudeboy Creative Partner, Mpho Twala.

‘Batandwa’s love of brands and understanding of brand storytelling is really distinctive. He’s bringing new energy to our collective and an accountability that will ensure that we keep scaling up in the way we tell brands’ stories. We won’t settle for anything but excellence.’ Says Rudeboy EP Sabelo Mahlangu.

Batandwa ends off by clearly stating the intention of this new partnership, “I joined Rudeboy because I really love Mpho’s style of authentic, emotive filmmaking & Sabelo’s passionate way of approaching the business, and I think that working together we can be an igniting force in the industry. I want to create work that is fresh, powerful and beautiful, and I think Rudeboy is the perfect place to continue developing in this direction.”

The move to Rudeboy comes after a voice-defining period for Batandwa and it’s worth catching up on some of the spots that have made headlines – and then send them your next brief to experience the power that this new team can bring to your script.

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