Batandwa Alperstein hits the right note in the latest campaign for Woolworths ‘Let it Shine’

Well cast and beautifully shot, the new Woolworths festive spot is a moving mixture of emotive and optimistic, something that feels really reflective of the current climate. Batandwa Alperstein has proven that he is a filmmaker who brings authenticity and heart to the work, without getting lost in the advertising veneer.

‘Let it Shine’ is about the moments that matter, those small connections we share with those closest to us. To reflect that intimacy, Batandwa focussed on the onscreen relationships and the chemistry between the characters. And boy there was chemistry! South African singer and songwriter, Lloyiso, delivers a rousing rendition of the song, ‘This Little Light of Mine’, which underscores the visuals of the spot that somehow made us really happy while simultaneously got us grabbing for the tissues; Christmas sorcery!

‘I felt like this had to be true to the times, because of the state of the world, I didn’t want to portray everyone as being ecstatic, that’s just not real. It simply won’t be a normal pure happy Christmas, it’s far more complicated this year. I wanted to make something that was deeper and meaningful and acknowledge that although we have fewer connections now, the ones we do have are far more meaningful.’ – Batandwa Alperstein

Picture: Batandwa Alperstein and singer Lloyiso

Over the past three years, we have watched Batandwa build a solid reputation as a director with the ability to capture pop culture. His latest two campaigns (he also recently directed, wrote and produced the global campaign Trace ‘Stand Up ‘N Shine’) shows that Batandwa has added emotive heartfelt storytelling to his arsenal as he proves his ability to authentically create onscreen connections that tug at our heartstrings. ‘From the time I got the brief I was so deliberate to work with heart. I wanted to create something that will touch my heart and those that watch it.’ And he sleighed it! (We had to.)

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