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A dynamic, agile, full-service commercial and film production company based in Joburg and Cape Town.

Johannesburg & Cape Town

Directors: Mpho Twala / Monde Gumede / Helen & Kim / Hallie Haller
Executive Producer: Sabelo Mahlangu

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A dynamic, agile, full-service commercial production company based in Joburg, we are deeply connected to Africa and are experienced players on the global stage. We believe in the power of empowered storytelling, we tell tales that would otherwise go untold. We are culturally driven in everything we do. Brazenly. Emphatically. Fanatically. It’s who we are. It’s why we’re Rudeboy.

We are 100% black-owned. We champion diversity and contribute to a transformed future, up-skilling across productions and creative, developing young filmmakers and nurturing raw talent.

The Rudeboy Collective

Blairgowrie, Johannesburg
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To get Mpho, you need to meet him. A FILM DIRECTOR who’s all about real stories, unfiltered emotional authenticity, cultural accuracy and exploring how blackness is envisaged, depicted and viewed. His work across Africa, from Kenya and Ghana to Nigeria and Zambia, has received multiple awards and ardent respect, but it’s his deeply sensitive approach that makes him really stand out. Patient, personal and passionate, he has a unique way of gently but relentlessly navigating his team towards the mercurial.


Monde’s spent the past few years abroad honing his craft in LA, London, Tokyo, New York, Cannes & Jakarta – magic cities for teeth cutting. His approach puts story-telling at the forefront and leans on genre, medium and craft to tell age-old stories through a contemporary lens, all the while nudging each project a breath further than the last. Above all else, Monde’s excited to seek his rhythm at a time where African artists can articulate their stories as they see fit, taking themselves as seriously, or ridiculously as they want. What a time to be alive.


After years of shooting together, bound by their love of rich visuals, clear narratives and a shared modus operandi, Kim Hinrichs and Helen J. Raine teamed up to form two-headed director ‘Helen & Kim’. Their combined forces provide a diverse and dynamic skillset, along with a cohesive and symbiotic workflow which allows them to hone in on a micro level throughout their filmmaking. Strong storytellers and intuitive performance directors, visually, the pair has a stylistic approach, working to carefully balance narrative and aesthetic.


Hallie Haller is a creative who cares about media, the future and you. Hallie is interested in cultural production that creates opportunity, fosters community and examines how we may live more meaningful lives. She has written a multitude of unpublished pieces, received hundreds of rejection letters, invested unwisely in passion projects and risked it all on hope – more than once. For love and money, she is a writer, director and creative strategist. Hallie is proudly a Brown Girls Doc Mafia member, a ForCreativeGirls mentor, a One World Media documentary fellow and an ambassador for GirlsInFilm’s South African chapter.

Awarded by IDIDTHAT

BEST IN CRAFT (Direction)
The Rudeboy Collective | Monde Gumede
Shekhinah ‘FIXATE’ (Music Film)
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Thibedi Meso, ECD & Partner at Brave Group
February 2021

Thibedi’s comment: ‘Like the song title, this film had me fixated throughout. Monde exploits the surrealness of emotions like hurt, loneliness and regret in a way that still leaves you smiling. His transitions are slick. The camera movement is simple yet engaging and at some point it even feels like the camera is inviting its subject to dance with it. The two-in-one music video combo can often go so wrong, but nothing feels out of place in this film.’

BEST IN CRAFT (Direction)
The Rudeboy Collective | Mpho Twala
Mr Dowells ‘True Moments’
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Lebogang Rasethaba, director at Egg Films/Arcade
November 2020

Lebogang’s comment: “This advert is so wholesome and I feel like only a person who believes in the project of humanity could have made it like this. Boy, it feels so good to see wholesome advertising. I felt young again, optimistic and now I wanna go to a bar (with good Covid protocols) and have a drink (yes, I will even drink that drink from the advert) and see my friends.”

The Rudeboy Collective | Mpho Twala & Monde Gumede
IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Louis Enslin, Owner and Engineer at Produce Sound
August 2020

Louis’ comment: “It’ss well put together, well crafted, good story”

Awarded by Jake Bester

Awarded by Greg Gray

South African Tourism ‘Life & Soul’
The Rudeboy Collective | Monde Gumede
April 2020

Judge’s Comment: “I’m sure most people who follow IDIDTHAT will agree, that often with movies and tv, it’s hard to fully engage without some kind of opinion based on what we’ve learned in the production process.  So, maybe it was the timing, but when I first watched this piece of film, just before lockdown, I somehow viewed it as just a person watching an ad. Not somebody who made ads or had anything to do with ads. Just somebody watching one, and it’s been a long time since that happened. So like I said, it was probably the timing that put me in this mindset, but a nostalgic treatment, even though showing current times, made me appreciate all the things we have right now. Tonally, it made me feel positive going into lockdown and that everything was going to be all right. And the positivity in the performances took the edge off the fear and created a great sense of anticipation for what will be waiting for us, a reward on the other side. It was exactly what I needed to see and I think it made me feel exactly what was intended. Which is exactly what a beautifully crafted piece of film is meant to do. No matter how old or young, we are all experiencing things for the first time right now, so everything becomes a very personal account based on what we are feeling. Maybe in a different time I would have viewed the work differently, but a beautiful piece of craft is meant to make you feel something, and this made me feel something lovely right now. I’m sure it affected lots of other people the same way too. Well done.”
– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Jake Bester, Creative Partner / Executive Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel 

Judge’s Comment: “During this unusual time of lockdown, the parameters of producing work have completely changed, and this, in turn, will impact on how work is crafted. It will compromise most projects’ full potential. I would like to propose a temporary category that showcases work that’s done against all odds and recognises the ability of the production industry to still produce creative, effective advertising content, albeit with constrained crafting. To jumpstart this current “Lockdown Category” I feel that Robin Goode’s “Miss” and Monde Gumede’s “Life and Soul” have both managed to deliver engaging and meaningful messages to the nation under these trying circumstances. They are engaging, thought-provoking and most importantly, optimistic.”
– IDIDTHAT Guest Judge: Greg Gray, Director at Romance Films 

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The Rudeboy Collective expands. Three new filmmakers, another office in Cape Town and a humans-first take on commercials directing

July 30th, 2021|Comments Off on The Rudeboy Collective expands. Three new filmmakers, another office in Cape Town and a humans-first take on commercials directing

The best way to explain the noticeable shift at Rudeboy is to introduce you to the new directors joining the team; Hallie Haller and director-duo Helen and Kim. A creative mindful group who share more than just the same headshot photographer. A group of filmmakers who live and breathe their values and we are here for it! Let's go!

The Rudeboy Collective welcomes Director Monde Gumede back to South Africa

October 18th, 2019|Comments Off on The Rudeboy Collective welcomes Director Monde Gumede back to South Africa

Agencies, listen up! Looking for a director passionate about collaborating early on in the commercial making process to better tell contemporary African stories aimed at the youth market? Well, well, well Director Monde Gumede has just returned from a 5-year stint in Los Angeles.😎 Having worked on all aspects of the content creation process you can now find him as the latest Director to have joined The Rudeboy Collective. You can thank us later.