Rudeboy’s Hallie Haller makes documentary cinematic for Darling Twists

It’s been just under a year since director Hallie Haller joined The Rudeboy Collective. Her strength as a storyteller and an energetic collaborator has seen her hit the ground running, not only directing big brand campaigns and TVC’s but also promoting her short film at festivals around the world. Hallie chats about her latest beauty ad that’s not a beauty ad, and how being a human in advertising has paid off.

The energy that Hallie exudes, even in a Zoom meeting, is truly infectious. Honestly, we don’t know how but you feel a genuine connection to her and that’s Hallie – in her work and her personal life, her magnetism shines through. Drawn to strong visual and narrative work whilst simultaneously finding ‘entertaining ways to tell real stories’, Hallie’s latest spot for Darling Twist Braids is right up her ally. ‘How often do you get to tell a story about a woman becoming more beautiful the more natural she gets? That kind of new, relatable approach is so exciting to me.’ Says Hallie.

The spot celebrates the beauty that comes with being confident in who you are, and the message is a refreshing departure from your classic ‘the natural you is not enough’ that we’ve become so accustomed to.

Darling Twists ‘Photographer’

Rudeboy’s Executive Producer Sabelo Mahlangu says: ‘The amount of work Hallie has done in the past year is testament to how she truly shows up for the opportunity. Agencies and clients genuinely trust collaborating with her. She is so creative, and approaches the work in new and refreshing ways, elevating each project she directs.’

The Girl’s in Film Ambassador put her doccie filmmaking abilities to good use and really dove head first into performance directing, for DIAGEO’s interactive, anti-teenage drinking narrative, shot in Kenya in 2021. Hallie’s directing and storytelling talent is geared towards humour, building fantasy into commercial worlds.

CODA (Short Film)

VODACOM ‘One Small Button – Nombulelo’

VODACOM ‘One Small Button – Noluthando’

VODACOM ‘One Small Button – Tholang’

On why she thinks she’s been this booked and busy since joining the Rudeboy stable, Hallie says: ‘I’m really trying to tell real stories, but do it beautifully and humorous at times. And I hope that people feel that. I think there can be a balance of saying something TRUE and making something ENTERTAINING. That’s what I’m working to do… And, I think being a human in advertising makes a difference, haha. Being part of a company that is full of humans. It’s such a privilege to work with people who are hyped to collaborate with you, who are mindful and empathetic. I’ve never had a day on set where we’ve walked away not joyful. Tired yes, but joyful. That’s how it’s been at Rudeboy.’

Images of director Hallie Haller L to R by Gcboisa Yako and HankYeol Lee

Hallie has been announced as a participant in this year’s Talents Durban programme where she is currently collaborating with Russel Hlongwane on the realisation of a feature screenplay. Her coming-of-age documentary short film CODA was officially selected for the SA Indie Film Fest, the African Film Festival in Atlanta, The Jozi Film Festival and Encounters South African International Documentary Festival. Yup, it’s been a good year, and here’s to many more. Wanna (s)talk some more? Rudeboy on IDIDTHAT and Company Website.

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