BEST OF 2022. All the work and winners.

The Creative Circle Best of 2022 is about celebrating all the finest South African Creativity from 2022. Here you can find all the awarded work and the talent responsible for creating the you know who to call for your next project 🔥

Interview with top Colourist Jarryd Duthoit from Left Post Production

Colourists can be film production’s invisible heroes; although armed with the superpower to craft work from a bronze to gold, the truth is, the less you notice the colour, the better it probably was. World-class Colourist and Flame artist, Jarryd Duthoit from Left Post Production shared his insights on the role of Colourists in production, how to get the best out of your collaboration with colourists, and talks colour trends.

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Welcome to 11 Mackay  – Creativity, Collaboration, Fun

Left Post Production takes us behind the doors of 11 Mackay - a building in Blairgowrie that houses 12 Film, Media and Production companies all intent on creative collaboration in the name of fun💃Want a sexy space to manage your media, artists and client needs or just need a hot desk surrounded by some unpretentious industry creatives? Well good-looking, it’s your lucky day.

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