Best of Reel for Direction Craft awarded to Vodacom ‘This Is Your Time’ by Dan Mace at Egg Films.

The SA Film Reel awards the very best in craft by production companies in South Africa. This month we asked Brendan Hoffmann, Group Creative Director at Publicis Machine, to select his standouts. Congratulations to all the winners.


BEST OF REEL: Vodacom ‘This Is Your Time’
Egg Films | Dan Mace (Direction Craft)


SPECIAL MENTION: CANSA Testi-Monials ‘Back To Normal’
Bioscope Films | Hylton Tannenbaum (Direction Craft)

SPECIAL MENTION: Telkom ‘Fridge’
Patriot | Anton Visser (Direction Craft)

SPECIAL MENTION: Bobtail ‘Journey’
Egg Films | Jason Fialkov (Direction Craft)

Judges comments by Brendan Hoffmann, Group Creative Director at Publicis Machine

BEST OF REEL: Vodacom ‘This is your time’ by Dan Mace at Egg Films – Direction Craft

There are some ads that simply ‘work’ on paper and then there are some that live or die based on how well the director brings them to life. This spot for Vodacom is the later. We’ve seen and heard this message before, big corporate claiming to be one with the people, claiming their product will save the day. Sure…

 Except this time I believe it. 

 I believe it because there is real honesty in the story and the way it is told. It feels less like an ad and more like a short journey side-by-side with this young South African. The spot is beautifully put together, it has energy, it has rage, it has hope and it even manages to slip in a laugh. The performances are authentic and it beautifully captures the texture and feeling of South African city life. There is a looseness to the shots and yet it is cut very precisely, using a myriad of clever film tricks and techniques that somehow never overpower the flow of the ad. Well done to Dan Mace and all involved, a piece to be really proud of!

SPECIAL MENTION: Telkom ‘Fridge’ by Anton Visser at Patriot – Direction Craft

It seems like it’s been a while since I watched a funny SA ad. And this one is a goodie. The casting is great, the funny moments land, there’s a perfect amount of weirdness and the tie up at the end is rather smart. I enjoyed watching this and I’m sure the rest of the country will too.

SPECIAL MENTION: Cansa Testi-Monials ‘Back To Normal’ by Hylton Tannenbaum at Bioscope Films – Direction Craft

The balls are back. The follow-up to the highly successful Test-Monials campaign. What the new spot lacks in shock factor (we’re all totally used to watching talking testicles by now) it makes up for with some entertainingly dry dialogue and a strong message. I enjoyed the attention to detail that Darryl’s Right Testicle has grown a bit of a goatee since last time.

SPECIAL MENTION: Bobtail ‘Journey’ by Jason Fialkov at Egg Films – Direction Craft

This spot for Bobtail, which explores the relationship between a man and his dog, has some pretty great shots in it. Filmed on location in the Transkei over a good few days, the camera work is incredible and the sound and grade finish it off nicely. Very subtle in its storytelling, I had to watch it a few times to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

About Our Judge

iDidTht Guest Judge: Brendan Hoffmann, Group Creative Director at Publicis Machine

Over the last 13 years Brendan has worked at some great agencies in both Johannesburg and Cape Town – Joe Public, DDB, Lowe, FoxP2 to name them all. He now heads up the Cape Town studio at Publicis Machine where he’s been for the last 3 years. Over his career he’s been lucky enough to work on some great brands and to make some cool work that has won some big awards. When he’s not working he can be found running the many trails in and around Cape Town or running after his 3 kids.

All Film Reel Entries

0307 Films | Kim Geldenhuys
Siemens ‘A Day In The Life’
(Direction Craft)

Bioscope Films | Hylton Tannenbaum
Ford ‘Tough Talk’
(Direction Craft)

Bomb Commercials
MTN ‘Rugby Sponsorship’
(Direction Craft)

inc. | Jabu Nadia Newman
Foxy Five ‘The Foxy Five – Season Finale’
(Direction Craft)

they shoot films | Alan Irvin
Mugg & Bean ‘Birthdays’
(Direction Craft)

The Upstairs Ludus
Superbalist ‘Winter Men’s’
(Offline Edit, Grade and Online)

The Upstairs Ludus
Superbalist ‘Winter Women’
(Offline Edit, Grade and Online)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
Woodlands Dairy ‘It’s All Good’
(Original Music Composition)

Howard Audio | Adam Howard
South African Tourism ‘African Travel Indaba’
(Original Music Composition)

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