It is estimated that 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime, and only 8.6% of perpetrators are convicted. One of the biggest factors contributing to this is the lack of usable evidence, due to it being compromised through incorrect gathering methods. 

It’s Rape Crisis’ mission to help empower rape survivors. Whether it’s through their 24hr crisis line, seminars, or by providing information that could lead to a conviction – something as simple as using newspaper instead of a plastic bag could be the difference.  


To demonstrate this, we turned an everyday piece of newspaper into a weapon against rapists. We flighted it in the centre page of a local newspaper in one of the most severely affected communities and then mobilized prominent influencers, and online women groups to spread the message online. 


The impact was immediate and widespread. Leading South African celebrities and medical experts organically shared the Rape Page across their social media platforms. Within hours we reached an estimated 5,5 million people, and by the end of the day Rape Crisis appeared on the leading talk radio station, 567 Cape Talk, giving this crisis the attention it so desperately needs. Furthermore, the Rape Crisis team has been inundated with requests from the public for copies of the newspaper.


Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town

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