Project Description

Background: Countless online sites and streaming channels contain inappropriate content. This kind of content is easily accessible – even to children, with no online supervision or protection. When inappropriate content like this is consumed by kids, it really affects how they see the world. It trickles into their playtime and their activities, as well as their thoughts. Vodacom, one of South Africa’s largest mobile communications companies, wanted to let parents know about the dangers of inappropriate content and tell them how their Secure Net Parental Control can block it to provide a safe space online for kids. By simply activating the service online, Vodacom Secure Net parental control can protect children from being exposed to inappropriate adult content. We needed to communicate its purpose to parents, without affecting a younger audience. The Idea: Using kids’ Lego, we created a series of design installations that only parents would understand, to highlight the benefit of Vodacom’s Secure Net Parental Control. The real builds mimicked scenes from some of the most iconic and horrifying films. The installations were made up of more than a combined 5000 Lego pieces, and included unique “easter egg” pieces. The builds included; 1. Quintin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. 2. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. 3. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. 4. Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street. 5. Paul Verhoeven’s Basic Instinct. The builds were turned into; 1. Print for magazines and posters that bolstered our reach, 2. Digital that further spread the word – targeting movie streaming sites. 3. OOH Installations were created with the actual Lego pieces. The caption, “DON’T LET YOUR CONTENT BECOME PART OF THEIR PLAY TIME” on the ads gave the instruction to immediately activate Vodacom’s Secure Net Parental Control from your phone by simply dialling a number.


Agency: VMLY&R (Johannesburg)

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