Project Description

The Objective
When Netflix launched The Umbrella Academy, we were tasked to generate excitement around the show and get people to watch it.


The Strategy
Bring the show to life in a way that resonates with the experiences of ordinary people and everyday life. The Umbrella Academy is a superhero series which tells the story of a group of children with extraordinary talents who are being trained to save the world.


The Creative Idea
We decided to bring a piece of the twisted nature of The Umbrella Academy to life. We created the first children’s book that covers everything the members of The Umbrella Academy might need to know, from defusing bombs to controlling extraterrestrial tentacles. Using cues from the show and the characters, we published the A to Es in The ABCs of saving the world. Illustrated and written in the same style as a children’s book, this book is aimed to help you save the world.


Softcover books were inserted into magazines and press, along with a newspaper wrap. Bespoke hardcover books were sent to influencers in South Africa. Combined, we reached a total readership of 3 121 000.