Project Description

Due to the lack of housing support in South Africa, many have decided to take matters into their own hands by finding ways to fulfil their dream of owning a home. But due to limited funds, building low-cost homes often sees South African’s having to cut-corners in their builds due to inaccessible professional planning and input, resulting in unknown outcomes like poor spatial considerations, unforeseen costs and foundational defects over time. Showing how inaccessible quality building is before the first brick is even laid.
Through the collaboration of construction materials leader AfriSam and grass-roots architectural firm BlackStudio comes and industry-first. Plan (a) is a platform for open-source architectural drawings for low-cost, quality home builds to be distributed to all South Africans.
A series of press ads that double as architectural drawings that can be used to build directly from, and council submission prepared.
Democratising quality homes builds for all South Africans, one ad at a time.


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