Welcome to IDIDTHAT’s new monthly series where we shine a spotlight on the women in the South African production industry. SHE DID THAT makes it even easier to find local female filmmakers. Our hope is that this will become a talent showcase and a useful resource to access and discover the right people for your projects. Although we will only be featuring women and non-binary people, the goal is that it will encourage the inclusion of more underrepresented filmmakers across all production work created by South Africans.

Ayanda Duma
Director at Robot

Ayanda Duma considers herself an audio-visual storyteller in every sense of the word. Whether in front of the camera or behind it, she brings a tenacity to story-telling that is audacious, comedic and disruptive at its core. In addition to this, Ayanda also produces beats and bars under her rap alias, YANDU, making sure that music is at the pulse of each of Ayanda’s filmic explorations.

Justine Calverley
Director at First Pencil

Justine has worked on projects ranging from subtle and warm performance pieces to complex 3D animation, realistic visual effects, outlandish stop frame, Big Data documentaries and even the collation of a Fashion Show. Her love for the craft shows in her attention to detail and scrupulous integrity to concept, regardless of the brief.

Nicole Maria Ackermann
Director at Romance Films

With a background in theatre and creative research, Nicole is a commercial director who takes a meticulous approach to film making, thoughtfully balancing evocative visuals with narrative. Known for her bold visual style, Nicole creates commercials with both heart and beauty.

More resources to discover and access underrepresented filmmakers for your next shoot:

Free the Work South Africa. A global initiative that asks agencies to brief at least 1 woman on every 3-way commercial bid.
Girslfinfilm. A platform to grow and network filmmakers.
She Says Cape Town. SheSays is the only global network for women in advertising and other creative industries.

If you know of other platforms that can help our industry grow and be more representative of an inclusive diverse society, hit us up and email

Use IDIDTHAT’s Directory to find the right talent

Use IDIDTHAT’s Directory to find the right company